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Professional event organisers?

Do you plan 5+ events a year and think there must be an easier way to source and secure venue space and hotel room blocks? There is. Cvents professional sourcing platform allows event organisers like you to streamline and customise the entire sourcing process from start to finish. Get all the benefits of the free version, plus:

  • Increase visibility across your team with account-wide reports that can be easily communicated to key stakeholders
  • Customise RFP templates to ensure you are asking the right questions and requiring responses from venues saving invaluable time
  • Send RFPs directly to your industry contacts and track communication
  • Build customised budgets and track meeting spend and past rates to use as leverage in future negotiations
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Occasional event organiser?

Are you occasionally tasked with planning a one-off board meeting or office party and need an organised place to start? The basic version of the Cvent Supplier Network will be the perfect resource for your company to find and secure a venue.

  • Gain instant access to over 240,000 global venues and suppliers
  • Create and send one eRFP to multiple venues at once
  • Receive bids back in one centralised location, that can easily be compared side-by-side
  • Leverage the Cvent Destination Guide to find crucial information in the initial research stage of your event
  • Search our Promotions Hub to find group business deals at top hotels
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Simplified Venue Sourcing

Looking for a conference hotel? Need meeting space? Cvent's complimentary and user-friendly Supplier Network, Destination Guide and Promotions Hub provide world-renowned event agencies, party organisers, corporate meeting planners and event organisers alike with essential event planning resources.

By streamlining the site selection and sourcing process, our tools allow you to research destinations and find and compare meeting facilities faster and easier than traditional search methods.


Free eRFP Management Tool

We've also condensed the entire venue sourcing process into a single, stress-free, time-reducing process. With our complimentary eRFP management tool, you'll create a single meeting or event request with the help of our RFP Wizard, then send them to multiple venues you've chosen in our Supplier Network.

Within the same platform, you'll receive proposals back and use our side-by-side reports to analyse and compare bids. Select the winner with the push of a button and we'll give the others the bad news.

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Thousands of Budget-Saving Hotel Promotions

Promotions Hub gives you an efficient way to search for specific offers from venues listed in the Cvent Supplier Network. Use it to:

  • Easily find new promotions
  • Locate deals by area, popularity, and event dates
  • View the most frequently-claimed promotions
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A Free Online Travel Resource for Planners

Comprised of over 13,000+ pages of unique content, the Cvent Destination Guide provides you with crucial information during the research phase of your event, allowing you to fully evaluate meeting destinations across the globe.

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"I love how I can quickly assemble information on different properties form
different cities. We don't have to compile data, make 1,000 phone calls and
negotiate. Hotels just respond to our RFPs with all the information we need...
We saved $66 dollars per hotel room."


Field Support Manager, Success for All Foundation

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