LeadCapture for Tradeshows

Universal LeadCapture is a mobile application that enables exhibitors to gather leads with a single, consistent application at all of the events that they attend. This application eliminates the need to manually collect and transcribe business cards, or worse, rent expensive and all-too-often antiquated lead-scan devices that differ from event to event and provide an inconsistent qualification process.


Capture, Qualify, Integrate

Universal LeadCapture is a single, consistent solution to capture, qualify, and follow up with leads at all trade shows and third-party events.

This flexibility is accomplished via integrations with a wide variety of onsite lead capture providers to enable both attendee badge and business card scanning. It also provides a consistent way not only to capture leads but also capture consent for future marketing activities.


Easy to Use & Advanced Features

LeadCapture is easy to use because of its cross-platform functionality and can be used with the stand staff's own mobile device on Android or iOS. Furthermore, by leveraging advanced question logic, exhibitors only have to answer the questions that are relevant to the customer.

LeadCapture for Conferences

Help your sponsors and exhibitors improve ROI at your event with LeadCapture. Exhibitors will be able to quickly gather leads with a single, consistent application at your conference.


Prove Event Performance

Live events account for 20-40% of a total marketing budget and trade shows represent a large portion of that for most B2B and B2C companies. Our reporting capabilities help you prove and improve performance not only for you but your exhibitors and sponsors.


Cvent Platform

LeadCapture is part of the same Cvent event technology platform that powers the most sophisticated marketers' entire live event programs.

Whether it's events marketers host, trade shows they attend, or cocktails they sponsor, with the Cvent family or products, marketers have an end-to-end solution for lead retrieval, appointment scheduling, registration, room block management, badge printing and beyond.