Built-in engagement features for standout webinars

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Chat & reactions

Build community with attendees in the chat, and let people express themselves with emoji reactions. 


Allow attendees to submit questions and upvote their favorites during the presentation.

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Hear your audience's thoughts in real time. Host unlimited polls and display results to the audience.

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Send automatic surveys after your webinar. Easily customize survey questions and pull reports.

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Make videos, documents, or presentations available to download during and after the webinar.

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On-demand video

Get more out of your webinars with on-demand access. Easily trim videos to increase viewership.

Webinar software that’s guaranteed to spark conversation

Webinar software that’s guaranteed to spark conversation

  • No more one-way webinars: Interact with your audience throughout your webinar to boost participation  
  • Gather insights about your audience: Hear what's on everyone's mind with chat, polls, and surveys 
  • Build a sense of community: Make it easy for your audience to learn about each other and create opportunities for organic conversations 
  • Provide a better post-webinar experience: Collect important engagement data about your audience to personalize your follow-up from sales or marketing 

Integrate with your other marketing tools

Make it easy to follow up with leads by integrating Cvent Webinar with your marketing automation and CRM platforms.

Frequently asked questions

What is live Q&A, and when can attendees ask questions?

Live Q&A allows attendees to ask questions starting 15 minutes before the session start time until 15 minutes after its end time. During the presentation, attendees can upvote the questions they want to see answered most. Attendees can choose if they want to ask questions anonymously or with their name listed. 

Can attendees ask questions anonymously or with their name listed during live Q&A?

Attendees can choose if they want to ask questions anonymously or with their name listed.

When is the chat feature available during the webinar?

Chat allows attendees to have a text-based conversation with one another while watching the presentation. Chat is available 15 minutes before the session start time until 15 minutes after its end time.

What are reactions, and how do they enhance audience engagement?

Reactions allow attendees to easily share their impressions of the presentation in real time. Reactions float over the screen in a fun, eye-catching way, increasing audience engagement.

How can I share resources related to my webinar with attendees?

You can upload resources related to your webinar for attendees to download.

Tell me about the polls feature. How can attendees participate?

Polls allow attendees to respond to questions that appear on the screen by choosing one of the listed options. They can see the answers displayed live.

What is the feedback survey, and how does it work?

The feedback survey is automatically included in every webinar, so you don't have to lift a finger to get impressions from your attendees. Once your webinar is over and your attendees have submitted their feedback, you can see a survey report in your Cvent account.

Is there a limit to the number of resources I can attach to my webinar?

Yes. You can upload up to 10 files, each up to 10MB.

Can I customize the polls and questions for my webinar?

The live polling features allows for customization, so you can add your own questions or prompts and response options.