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In this new era of digital disruption, Cvent has perceived a change in business conduct with regards to pondering occasions where event types and event formats have exploded. Marketers are becoming much more integral part of the event planning process. To accomplish quantifiable results, it is critical to align the event type with the event format along with the teams, strategy, and tech that facilitate them through a programmatic event channel. 

Cvent surveyed a wide sample group of over 2,100 individuals aged between 18-65+, which included representatives from senior Marketing and Events job functions, from both in-house (49%) and agency (51%) settings, and targeted the UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The study uncovered that "Now is the perfect time to give your event planning the real dedicated resource and effort needed to start back with a bang."

Read this report to discover:

  • The key role of marketing within the event planning process.
  • How to overcome virtual and hybrid challenges and how best to demonstrate to invitees the benefits of virtual events.
  • The opportunities that are being missed due to lack of capturing data at every stage.