The 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report: EMEA

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Get ready to discover planners’ sourcing behaviours.

For our 2018 report, we surveyed 517 meeting and event planners across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to equip our hotel, venue, and destination networks with insights that will help improve their client services and to provide a deeper understanding of the planner decision-making process. The survey was conducted in fall 2017.

Key Findings:

  • Event professionals in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are planning fewer and smaller meetings and events compared with a year ago.
  • The sourcing process continues to go digital.
  • Only 13% of planners say they are extremely certain of their venue when they begin the sourcing process.

To understand what really matters to meeting and event planners, explore our findings and use this report to enhance the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and event support teams for the seamless execution of compelling meetings and conferences.