Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank needed to bring all their event management tools under one platform, and automate manual tasks.
20-hour savings a week
One holistic event platform
3x increase in event attendance

Receipt Bank holds over 500 events a year, ranging from small dinners, to events with over 700 people. Michael Hadjipourou and Will Lawton, both Global Campaign Managers stated; “We have been using Cvent for just over 2 years as our main tool for hosting and managing events. We use it to get people registered, to market the event, as well as post-event follow up”. Will Lawton went on to say, “I also use Cvent with digital media, for webinars, as well as our recruitment campaigns within the e-marketing tab of Cvent”

Why Cvent

“Before Cvent, we used a variety of tools. One tool for landing pages and emails, spreadsheets for keeping track of attendees, a separate mobile event app. All this required us to manually move data between the different systems, leading to a lot of wasted time and increasing the risk of user-error” said Will Lawton. “We needed a holistic platform, and Cvent provided a one-stop solution to do everything we needed within the same platform”.

Michael Hadjipourou said; “We heavily utilise Cvent Flex Standard Registration which has been really great with our event strategy. We do hundreds of events a year that are quite similar. Before Cvent, we had to create each landing page, each email and everything else separately for each event. With the ability to clone events within Cvent, and the kind of ‘cookie cutter’ approach, it has been a massive time saver, saving over 20 hours a week and allowing us to use the extra time to think more strategically about our events and strategy.”

Automation and Integration

Since the adoption of Cvent Flex, Receipt Bank can now automatically schedule emails to be sent to new registrants and reminder emails before their events, which “has definitely increased our event attendance ”said Michael Hadjipourou. The ability to have consistent branding and messaging across a series of events, such as Receipt Banks multiple city roadshows in the United States has led to an increase in invitee to registration rate from 1% to 3%.

Not only has Receipt Bank improved time saving and employee experience, the Cvent integration to the Receipt Bank website, has led to a better experience for their registrants. “Another aspect which has improved the user experience and increased registrant rates has been the custom API with Cvent to our website. We now have the Cvent embedded form in our website so users can go into our event homepage and sign up right there instead of having to go onto a registration page, making it a much easier experience for them” said Will Lawton.

Will went on to say; “the Salesforce integration has been a massive time saver for our campaign team in London and our data team based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It saves the hassle of uploading and downloading spreadsheets in Salesforce. Instead, Cvent had the data, campaign by campaign, event by event ready for them in Salesforce. This allowed them to process the data, clean it up, qualify it, do GDPR compliance more effectively, which in turn helps with event follow up by the Sales team and the quality of the leads Marketing can provide”.

Looking forward

Receipt Bank use ON24 as their webinar platform, and Will Lawton believes the future integration between Cvent and ON24 will be another time saver. “In the same way we would use Cvent for event registration, we would do this for webinars on ON24 too. Registering attendees online and instantly sharing webinar information and statistics between Cvent and Salesforce will be a huge time saver when ON24 integration comes in”.

Receipt Bank are planning on expanding the size of their events and doing more partner events in the future. Michael Hadjipourou stated; “We’ve had a lot of interaction with our Account Manager at Cvent, and Product Specialists about how to actually plan these events and build them out, along with taking part in workshops which have been really useful. With the support in the background, I’m confident we can go successfully into these new areas with Cvent”.

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