Chemist Warehouse Group Success Story

Customer Success Story


Decrease in Check-In Waiting Time


Man-Hours Saved Per Event


Cost Savings


Registration Complexities

Every year, Chemist Warehouse Group hosts its biggest event, the ‘Marketing and Strategy Meeting - Supplier Function’, to showcase its marketing plans to nearly 1,000 attendees who represent some of the world’s largest healthcare brands and each year, the Chemist Warehouse events team would face some major challenges during the registration and check-in process. The team put in a considerable amount of effort to pre-print badges, organise them at the registration desk and move 1,000 people through the door within an hour, while also ensuring the entire experience looked efficient and professional. “At times, we also dealt with intemperate weather conditions, which meant our neatly arranged badges would get blown away by strong winds, making the entire process even more chaotic,” says Mark Finocchiaro, Managing Partner and Director at Chemist Warehouse Group.

All in all, the team was under an unnecessary amount of stress just for ensuring the registration went smoothly. Chemist Warehouse finally decided to look for a solution that could provide them the speed, efficiency and professionalism to de-risk and de-stress this part of the event.

The Magic of Onsite Solutions

The Chemist Warehouse Group wanted an efficient event management system that would streamline and professionalise their registration process for their Supplier Function. After analysing all the pain points they were facing, the group put their faith in Cvent’s OnArrival 360.

With the new onsite attendee management tool, the entire registration process was significantly transformed. Using the software and kiosks significantly reduced their manual efforts. Attendees didn’t have to stand in long queues anymore, check-in time was shorter and badge printing could be done onsite. The team was able to make their event look more professional than before, which left a great impression on first-time attendees.

“Cvent helped us operate with a much higher efficiency than before. With the OnArrival 360 support team helping the staff right from concept to execution, they were able to focus on other critical aspects of the event without worrying about onsite registrations & check-ins,” adds Finocchiaro. In addition, Chemist Warehouse was able to make changes to badges in real-time while also tracking live attendee data and generating in-depth reports for future event analysis.

Greater Professional Engagement

Displaying a strong sense of professionalism is extremely important if you want to establish yourself as the industry leader. This is exactly what Chemist Warehouse Group achieved with OnArrival 360. Their major event — their Supplier Function — was better managed than before and they were able to decrease the waiting time for attendees by 25%, which meant they had all attendees seated within 45 minutes without any delays or glitches. An efficient check-in process also meant they now required fewer staff to oversee the task.

Investing in a registration software also reaped dividends for the team - they saved $5,000 in cost and 24 hours’ worth of full-time manpower. There was also a sharp reduction in workload and stress for the team, which allowed them to focus on other critical aspects of the event. And last but not the least, the satisfaction of organising a well-executed, high-quality event with greater professional engagement and better reporting was a deeply satisfying experience for them.