August 20, 2019
By Featured Venues & Destinations

Life events are made of memories and experiences. Between the moments of things we have to do like laundry, board meetings, conference calls and eating are magical moments that make each day unique and memorable. Personally those come in hugs from our kids, talks with friends or time with loved ones. For business those come in achievements, accolades or in events that inspire, motivate and captivate us.

What we really do is create the impossible. Turn the "have to’s" to the "want to’s. "Get attendees excited to engage and network and learn and most importantly reward or perform. The key to doing that is to create an experience. Even little changes that are unexpected can be enough to change the story and the outcome.

Everyone has budgets that need to be met but wouldn’t your attendees rather eat outside poolside then in a boring hotel meeting room? Middle of winter conference stuck in the Midwest, turn up the heat and bring the beach inside. Take any opportunity you can to let the attendees know you appreciate them.  What if after a long event they come in and find cookies and milk by their bed. Little things make all the difference, creativity and caring are what we all could use a little bit more of these days.

If you need some ideas just reach out, we have plenty of things to share at Belterra.

Featured Venues & Destinations

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