December 05, 2019
By Cvent

We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a brief summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new that launch during the past month.

Recently Released


The Conference Event, Waitlist and Participant sessions will now be supported in the Session Enrollment Data API so you will have an easier time enrolling your attendees to the sessions in their events.

  • When to use: When the clients want to reconstruct their attendees’ schedules based on the historical log of their attendees’ enrollment and un-enrollment to sessions, they are now have a more comprehensive picture. The Session Enrollment Data response will now include the other types of sessions that it did not have before – Conference Event, Participant and Waitlist sessions.
  • Who would use: Clients who have an integration with the Session Enrollment Data API



Integrating partners can now trigger an email from Conference when an attendee is added through the Create or Update User API.

  • When to use:  When the clients use a third-party application to run their event’s registration, the attendees are then added into the event in Conference through the Create or Update User API. This new email notification added to the API request parameter will allow the clients to notify their attendees that their account is ready and they can begin engaging with the event’s content.
  • Who would use:  Clients who have an integration with the Create or Update User API



You can now include the information about which exhibitor booths the attendees have visited during the event to the Attendee Journey report.  

  • When to use: Planners want to provide their attendees their Attendee Journey report. This is so that the attendees can view the details of activities they took part in during the event. Planners can now also include the details about the exhibitor booths that the attendees have visited as part of the Attendee Journey report using the new Exhibitor Booth Visited keyword.
  • Who would use:  Planners and Event Managers
Conference - Exhibitor Booth Visited Keyword



Users of Connect can now filter sessions that have been added to the Agenda page of the event.

  • When to use: When the event has a large quantity of sessions displayed in the agenda page of Connect, the attendees can now use the filters to view content that is relevant to them.
  • Who would use:  Planners and Content Managers
Conference - Allow Agenda Filters in Connect


What’s upcoming?

Here are a few items our development team is working on that will be launching soon.

  • Enhanced Alternate Meeting Host Selection – The alternate Meeting Host selection has been enhanced so that they can only select possible meeting hosts who has not already declined the meeting request, and who is available for the meeting time.
  • Improved Nomination Experience – The nominee list top level view can be configured to provide enough information to allow a truly “single-click” approval flow.
  • Minimum selection on checkbox list/multi select custom fields - Planners will have a way to configure a minimum number of selections on a checkbox and multi-select type custom fields. This allows the planner to present a question to an attendee/exhibitor to get a set number of responses.
  • Visibility Constraints for Filters in Connect - Content Managers will now have the ability to configure filters on the Session Catalog to be hidden from logged in user.


For questions or more details, please contact Jackie Ramos, Senior Product Manager, [email protected] or Joe Meehan, Client Delivery Director, [email protected].


Pamela Garcia

This post was authored by Pamela Garcia, Product Manager at Cvent. Pam is a transplant to Dallas, and in her spare time she enjoys reading, hanging out with her friends and playing with her dog Percy.


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