July 23, 2021
By Cvent Guest

We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a brief summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new that launched last month.

Recent Releases


Event Attendees now have the tools necessary within Conference’s Attendee Resource Center (ARC) to schedule and manage, both, in-person and virtual meetings with other Attendees. Meeting Hosts have new features to help them quickly identify their meetings and quickly make updates or unscheduled. All meeting participants are kept in-the-loop on changes with a whole new set of email communications to keep all participants up to date.

  • When to use: Event Attendees can use the new ARC Meetings feature to schedule and manage their meetings with other attendees leading up to and during the event. The mobile-responsive design puts the scheduling power in your attendees' hands in the most convenient format available.
  • Who would use: Attendees who are looking to connect with other attendees at your event.




Login and My Portal

Gone are the days of requiring your various audiences to bookmark or remember URLs for multiple login pages to access an event website and the content they need. The new Conference Unified Login Page, in conjunction with “My Portal,” expedites your attendee’s interactions with the website by getting them to the resources they need faster than ever.

Need your Attendees to SSO into the event website with your own identity provider’s credentials? No problem! The new login experience facilities the SSO experience and ensures credentials are safely transmitted. Ask about “deep linking” to bypass My Portal altogether and give your attendees the most efficient access possible.

  • When to use: The new login experience and My Portal are available for all of your event Attendees.
  • Who would use: Attendees, Speakers, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Group Registration Managers



Speaker Resource Center “Link” Tasks

Managing your event’s Speakers can be a time-consuming and complicated process that requires seamless interactions between your event’s website, speaker management portals, or identity providers. Facilitate navigation through your event website for Speakers or link out to an external website with the new “Link” task available in the Speaker Resource Center.

  • When to use: When your Speakers need access to multiple systems to complete pre-event preparation or simply to expedite navigation to an area of the event website.
  • Who would use: Content Managers, Speaker Managers, and Speakers.
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Bulk Registration Cancelation

Registration Managers now have a new tool in their arsenal to more easily manage Attendee cancelations in bulk. The new Bulk Cancelation feature will not just cancel a registration package, but will also take care of any refunds due, session un-enrollments, and hotel reservations.

  • When to use:  When a large number of attendee registrations needs to be canceled.
  • Who would use: Event Planners and Registration Managers

What’s Upcoming?

And a sneak peek of an enhancement that is in the works for later this year: 

  • Session Resource Center – The next generation of content management. Enhanced and separate experiences for you Content Managers and Speakers. Reach out for more information or a tour of the prototypes!

For more information on any of these new releases or to learn more about the features we’re working on you can reach out to Nick Hancock, Product Manager at [email protected] for product demonstrations or roadmap details or contact Joe Meehan, Client Delivery Director at [email protected] for all other questions.


In case you missed the Conference launch details from the past few months:




This post was authored by Nick Hancock, Product Manager for Cvent Conference. When he isn’t at work you can find him riding trails on his mountain bike, golfing, or thinking about how to make event planners’ lives easier. 

Cvent Guest

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