September 26, 2019
By Madison Howard

Activating Social Media Ambassadors at Events

Think influencers are just a trend? Turns out, they can have a big impact on event promotion. Sarah Dempsey joins us to talk about how to activate staff, speakers, and sponsors at the event, as well as the benefits of creating a celebrities program. Listen now!

What to Listen for:

  • Voluntary Digital Cheerleaders – every brand needs ‘em
  • Social media ambassadors and influencers aren’t the same
  • Content coupled with experiences
  • Size doesn’t matter
  • Give a little FOMO
  • A few great tools: Oktopost, CrowdCompass, DJI Stabilizer
  • Make ambassadors feel involved before the event
  • Authentic users add to the experiences
  • Communication is key: Keep them informed
  • This is not an 'if you build it they will come situation' – give ambassadors clear goals
  • 3 ways to get a program started


Listen to the podcast!

Who is Sarah Dempsey?

Sarah Dempsey, a member of Cvent’s Corporate Communications and Social Media team, is responsible for helping enhance and expand the company’s internal and external communications, as well as social media efforts worldwide. This includes playing an active role in Cvent’s social media presence and activity at the company’s annual user conference, Cvent CONNECT. Prior to Cvent, Sarah worked for CEB (now Gartner) where she managed PR and social media efforts for a variety of the company’s dedicated practice areas, including HR and Talent Management. She is a native of Philadelphia and graduated from The Catholic University of America in D.C. with a B.A. in Political Science.

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