October 03, 2019
By Madison Layman

As event planners, we have a responsibility to keep our attendees safe. Stephanie McNamara sits down to discuss how duty of care applies to planners. From training to a clear emergency plan, we discuss simple steps you can take to prepare for the worst.

Listen to the podcast.

What to listen for:

  • What is duty of care?
  • When we say crisis, we’re talking about a lot of things from the foreseeable to the unforeseeable
  • Planners can see the future, in a way
  • Think big picture and frame that picture by stakeholders and attendees
  • Don’t wait! Start early when thinking about what could impact your meeting
  • Never underestimate the importance of location when thinking ahead
  • Identify a key decision-maker from the get-go
  • Technology can make a big difference in duty of care
  • Mobile event apps are brilliant when it comes to mass communication
  • ‘You’re never going to find a binder in a hurricane’
  • It’s no longer if, it’s when

Who is Stephanie McNamara?

Stephanie L. McNamara is a Director, Client Success at Cvent where she leads a global team of 75 success professionals focused on enhancing the client journey by demonstrating value, improving adoption and presenting innovative solutions for more than 800 enterprise clients many of which are Fortune 100 companies. Stephanie is a meetings industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Before joining Cvent in 2012, Stephanie was Sr. Manager, Operations for VMS, a boutique third-party planning company, specializing in meetings for clients in the pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic industries. Through her experience with clients operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement, Stephanie has emerged as a subject matter expert on physician data tracking and reporting. Stephanie holds a B.S. in Hospitality Management from Purdue University. Stephanie is a board member for her local Indiana MPI Chapter. Stephanie also serves on the MPI Global Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. Stephanie resides in Carmel, Indiana – Town & Country Magazine’s 2018 #1 Best Places to Live in America. Her passions include supporting local sporting teams, gardening, spending time with her family and 2019 return to reading fiction.

To learn more about Stephanie’s experience, please visit her Linkedin profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanieagan

Listen to the podcast. 


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