October 30, 2018
By Brittany Estes

We’re excited to announce Registration Reimagined, powered by Project Flex is available today!

At Cvent, we’ve been hard at work creating tools designed for a revolutionary registration experience. Your insights and feedback have played an essential role in shaping how we approach product innovation. With Project Flex, we’ve put the power back in your hands so you can create any event you can imagine.

We’re officially rolling out General Availability for Registration Reimagined, powered by Project Flex on October 31st.

Here’s the top 10 things you need to know for an easy and productive transition:

1. What is General Availability and why should you use Project Flex?

General Availability signals the official roll-out of a years-long initiative, Project Flex. We’re thrilled to have our customers across the globe adopt this reimagined registration experience. You can use drag-and-drop widgets that are easy to customize and rearrange, design in real-time, and preview without publishing. Your designs are automatically responsive, working on every device right out of the box. Create gorgeous designs with ease using these other incredible features.

2. What’s new for early adopters?

We’ve received incredible early adopter feedback, and we're thrilled to launch new features that you've been anticipating for months. Exciting new features include guest side registration, new and enhanced email designer, discount codes, and air requests and air actuals.

3. How can you get started?

You’ll see Project Flex listed as the “New Standard Registration (Flex)” in your account.  Just click to get started!

new standard registration (Flex)

Select "New Standard Registration (Flex)" as Event Type in your account.

A menu of intuitive controls allow you to create your website and registration process with an interactive designer. Even better, you can now easily recreate stunning websites that are modern and easy to build with no coding knowledge. Take a look at some of the example websites that you can recreate in your account here!

4. Looking for design inspiration?

We have it! Modern, global themes give you the ability to create with confidence. These gorgeous designs set the tone for your event, allowing you to control all the details. The best part? These pre-made themes can be tailored to stay on brand with customizable fonts, colors, and images to maintain the desired look and feel.

5. What are some website highlights?

You can test on your browser and easily leverage the new Location Map widget, which integrates with Google Maps. Allow your guests to select the same agenda as the primary attendee, apply unique headers across different website pages, automatically apply your website theme to your event emails, and rearrange your registration process to be in the order you see fit.  Still have questions? View our FAQ’s.

6. How does this help you create better websites?

No matter your level of experience, Project Flex was designed for you. The “Validate Website” tool safeguards your work by validating changes and preventing mistakes. View helpful best practices for a better user experience. You can even restore earlier versions and view the entire published history. Want more ideas? See all the info you need in our Cvent Community.

7. What happens to your previous and current events?

If you’re worried that the events you’ve already created will disappear, don’t be. You will be able to continue to access all of your active and past events and data. As of October 31st, you’ll get to experience Project Flex first-hand for all new event builds. We’re excited to have you start using it right away, but you have plenty of time to transition and rebuild as needed over the next year.

8. What resources are available to you?

It’s our priority to ensure you feel empowered you with all the knowledge you need. We’ve created a Customer Resources Hub where you can sign up for a webinar, access training tools, read helpful articles in the Knowledge Base, or contact Cvent’s Customer Care Team. View all of our Customer Resources here.

9. What does Cvent’s team have to say about Project Flex?

THANK YOU! Our team across the globe wants to give credit where it’s due: to our customers. Your experiences and feedback inspire every product update and enhancement. We have been anticipating General Availability for years, and are thrilled to finally see it in hands of our customers. You are the inspiration behind Project Flex, and we couldn’t have done this without you.

10. How can you learn more?

All of these resources are available on our Project Flex website, along with helpful videos, trainings, much more. Check it out now!


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