August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Many business professionals prioritize reading fiction and non-fiction for their personal learning and development strategies—particularly when traveling to and from your meetings and events. Bill Gates publishes an annual suggested reading list and Warren Buffet spends up to 80% of his day reading.

Your events may already provide an opportunity to get attendees reading—through an onsite bookstore or gift shop where they can browse titles for purchase. But have you considered books or eBooks as an event giveaway? As with any freebie or incentive, it helps to run through a checklist of key questions to determine if a book (and which book) is right for your event goals.

Is the giveaway relevant to your event theme?

The biggest factor in selecting the right giveaway item for your event is relevance: does it tie into the event’s theme and does it offer a personalized element for attendees? If it doesn’t, your attendees will notice. A book giveaway offers a choice of literally millions of titles to find the right fit for your event—and for your budget. Hosting an event for executive leaders about innovation? Try a new release from a trusted thought-leader.  Have plans for a larger event, with a diverse audience? Pick a book that everyone’s talking about.

Is it practical?

According to an analysis of promotional products, 81% of people cited a giveaway’s “usefulness” as the primary reason to keep it. Think of all the tchotchkes that just lead to more clutter and end up in the trash—a waste of money and effort. Books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People offer practical tips for readers to apply to their careers and studies. Choose a digital reading option to streamline packing and travel, or pick a hardcover copy (with a cool cover design) that can decorate desks and bookshelves.

Is it easy to distribute?

This is where going digital with a giveaway really makes a difference. By distributing the eBook version of a title, you avoid delivery costs and wastage (no more stacks of extra titles that need to be stored or shipped back). eBooks can be distributed by unique links and can be read on phones, tablets, and laptops—plus, you can return unclaimed copies for a full refund. If you want to give your attendees a tangible, personalized piece, consider printing cards with eBook codes for download (you can add your event’s logo and any other content to contextualize the giveaway)

Will it improve attendee engagement?

Books paired with sessions or meetings can offer an incentive to drive attendance. Offer to give out “one of America’s best-loved novels” at the door to the first 25 people who show up—and keep the title a surprise! Are you sending a post-conference survey? Consider improving response rates by offering a free eBook when an attendee completes a survey—just add an eBook link in the “thank you” email. Many popular titles are available for under $20, and digital versions tend to cost even less.

Can it upgrade an existing experience?

Often, event organizers choose to integrate books into their events because the book enhances an existing presentation or activity. At your next event, consider the keynote speakers—have they authored titles relevant to their speech? Are they advocates for reading and would like to highlight a favorite title? As an example, at CVENT’s Elite Alliance meetings last Fall, speaker and event expert Laura Schwartz gave away copies of her book Eat, Drink, Succeed to everyone in attendance, to allow attendees to dive deeper into her key messages about “seizing the moment.”

Let us know the book you chose for your next event!
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