October 03, 2019
By Cvent

It’s the morning of the event. You wake up with a handwritten name badge stuck to your forehead - one out of the 800 badges you were trying to alphabetize last night in the hotel room. Then, you open your phone to see four missed calls. Your sponsor wants you to change the entire seating chart. You have thirty minutes to finish organizing the name badges, rearrange the seating chart, and get yourself calm, cool, and collected regardless of all the chaos.

This is The Invisible Workload.

Event professionals are dragged down with endless lists of tasks that would only draw attention if they didn’t happen. The stress, turmoil, and mental weight that event pros must endure goes completely unnoticed and is shoved away behind-the-scenes. It's these manual processes, these Invisible Workloads, that keep event planners from being more strategic, impactful, and, most importantly, well-rested.

Meet Your New Best Friend, Zoe

Stress no more because you're not alone!  Zoe feels your pain and she’s got your back. With Zoe as your guide, we'll explore the Invisible Workload. She'll provide ways to eliminate your workload so that you can spend more time on what matters most to you.

Save Some Sanity…Trade in Tedious Tasks for Tech Tools 

Cvent’s Event Management Platform automates and simplifies the entire planning process. So next time you wake up to an unfinished batch of name badges or a completely different seating chart, you'll have a new and improved method to manage the madness. Check out The Invisible Workload Lookbook to find ways to make your next event run as smoothly as possible!

1. Find Your Venue Sourcing Sanctuary

Whether you are planning a VIP lunch for 10 or a global conference for 5000 people, venue sourcing can take a lot of time. It is one of the most multifaceted pieces of the overall project. Manually finding, comparing, and requesting proposals for meeting spaces and hotels requires countless hours. It just isn't an efficient use of your time.

Through the Invisible Workload Lookbook, you can navigate your way to a “sourcing sanctuary” where you will find several alternatives. Cvent’s accessible, free tools can be used to help automate the venue finding process and reduce the time you spend on sourcing.

2. Drowning in a Sea of Badges?

Alphabetizing may be the perfect example of The Invisible Workload. Managing badges, putting them in sleeves, attaching lanyards, and alphabetizing are tedious tasks that never end.  Along with the pain of handwriting hundreds to thousands of names, there are also the PII (personally identifiable information) concerns with leaving names and titles out on tables for everyone to see.

Top planners turn to Cvent’s tools in order to reduce check-in lines and make the registration process much cleaner and concise. With self-service kiosks and wireless on-demand badge printing, guests can register, check-in, pay fees, and print badges on their own.

3. Lost in a Maze of Paper Surveys

Paper surveys? So last season. The laborious responsibility of printing out surveys, distributing them, begging every attendee to complete them, and then re-collecting them is simply inviting a bigger, more monstrous Invisible Workload.

You can eliminate the Invisible Workload of paper surveys by turning to online surveys. By providing surveys within mobile solutions during and post-events, you’ll increase response rates and gain insights that you can use to optimize future events to suit everyone’s tastes. The Invisible Workload Lookbook has a solution for this too! Learn more about easy digital survey tools your attendees will love.

Love Yourself and Take a Load Off

These are only a few of the many ways top event planners use Cvent’s Event Management Platform to eliminate their Invisible Workload. We understand how stressful event planning is and how nerve-wracking it is to have to wear multiple hats at one time. That's why we want to help you. Check out The Invisible Workload Lookbook to see how Zoe and other top event planners leverage technology to better plan and execute every single event.

Watch the Webinar

Have time for a webinar? Join in on July 25, 2019 to listen to our very own event planners and marketers dive into the Invisible Workload! Register for the webinar!

Ditch Your Invisible Workload

It’s time to stop living that invisible life and hustling behind-the-scenes. Finally, ditch your Invisible Workload. Spend more time on what really matters, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your attendees.  

See the Lookbook



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