August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

Face-to-face interaction and one-on-one meetings are essential when it comes to attendee engagement at events. We aim to help this need. That's why we'll have a Cvent's Appointments module & our application of it at Cvent CONNECT. We will utilize the module to schedule Account Team Meetings with our customers, to increase exhibitor engagement, to enhance the attendee search tools, and to assign staffing shifts. Check out how our team is utilizing Appointments this year to improve the attendee experience at Cvent CONNECT 2018.

1:1 Appointments with Your Account Team

Meeting your Account Team onsite at Cvent CONNECT is important. We want to make sure you get that face-to-face time with your Cvent team. Within the Appointments tool, we allow Cventers to request appointments with Cvent CONNECT attendees.

Exhibitor Engagement

With a large number of exhibitors coming to Cvent CONNECT, we want to make sure the experience is worthwhile for them and that they're getting fair engagement with our attendees. For Cvent CONNECT, the Cvent team integrates Appointments with CrowdCompass and LeadCapture. We encourage attendees to pre-schedule at least 5 Appointments with Exhibitors during the Cvent CONNECT Tradeshow. While they're onsite at the event, attendees manage their appointments using CrowdCompass, Cvent's mobile event app. Our exhibitors then use LeadCapture to scan participation during these appointments and collect contact information. The attendance then gets pushed back into CrowdCompass, and once attendees have attended five exhibitor meetings, they'll be eligible for a registration discount, a complimentary room night, and a pair of sunglasses. This is a great strategy to ensure that your attendees are interacting with your vendors and exhibitors during your event.

Using the Attendee Profile

Attendees can set up their profiles during registration, making it easier to filter out who to actually schedule meetings with. Let's say you're an event planner from California looking to connect with hoteliers from your area, utilizing filters, you can quickly search for hoteliers from California and schedule a meeting with them during the trade show. This search feature makes it simple for your attendees to schedule worthwhile appointments with the right people.

Simple Staffing Assignments

In a less traditional way, we also utilize the Appointments tool to assign staff members a location and time slot where they'll have to be working. The advantage is that your staff members can just check their CrowdCompass app every morning to see where they're assigned for the day. A disclaimer: you cannot import appointments, so if you have a large number of staff members to assign shifts to, this is not a recommended best practice.

As you can see, there are unique ways in which to use Appointments to take your event to the next level. Think outside the box - let the product inspire you and your event attendees will be impressed by their more interactive experience.

If you're interested in learning more about Appointments, reach out to your Account Team for more information. We hope to see you at Cvent CONNECT 2018!


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This post was written by Minh Bui, a Sagittarius and Client Success Consultant at Cvent. She's a University of Virginia alumnus and a huge UVA Basketball Fan. A fun fact: she's both a U.S. and Australian Citizen!

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