August 20, 2019
By John Hunter
Relegating your event data "offline" is a missed opportunity.  As a marketer, it's in your best interests to use the information you capture onsite at your live events to build a better, more complete profile of your attendees. From C2B to B2B, “generic” is a marketer’s worst enemy. What you don't know *will* hurt you. Personalization, however, that's where real success begins. But personalization starts by learning. In a noisy marketplace, reaching, persuading, and monetizing your audience means understanding what makes them tick, what they want, when they want it. Event Marketing Live events are a data goldmine that offers boundless information: sessions attended, time spent at product booths, session feedback, appointments…interest and buying signals are everywhere. Capturing these critical interactions, in an instant, puts you in the driver's seat and sets the stage for more effective marketing across all your channels.  And when event attendee data is combined with their touchpoints from your other marketing channels, you’ll get a fuller, richer picture of your prospects and customers than you ever thought possible. This type of insight enables hyper-personalization at scale. Following a few golden rules will help you get there.

Listen to Your Attendees and Track their Journeys

Before, during, and after your events, your attendees are giving you valuable information…if you’re listening.  And your best chance at getting a solid return on your investment/events (ROI) is to take advantage of technology solutions that capture that data through the entire event lifecycle. Event tech will help you cast a wide net over your data, and helps you distill it in actionable ways, setting you on the path to future success. Here's how event management technology can marketers instantly. Track your attendees' movements and interactions, because they are telling a story not only with their online activity but also with their feet. Before, during, and after your events, your attendees are leaving their "digital footprints" everywhere. Tracking that customer "journey," means gathering key data points at three distinct points in time:
  • “pre-event” (registration, email communications).
  • “during-event” (session attendance, instant mobile feedback, onsite activities).
  • “post-event” (surveys and analytics) creating a treasure trove of information in a single platform.

Mine the Data

Event tech allows you to build and clearly see this holistic set of event data, document what is successful, and then clearly illustrate the impact your marketing efforts are having on your events. From pre-event campaigns, onsite tracking solutions, lead capture and post event-surveys, you’ll gather key insights that will help enable you to make informed marketing decisions and set the stage for the creation of growth-oriented marketing strategies helping you increase the value of your events.

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John Hunter

John is the Senior Manager of Event Cloud Content Marketing at Cvent. He has extensive copywriting experience across a diverse set of industries, including broadcast television, retail advertising, associations, higher education, and corporate PR.
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