August 20, 2019
By Caroline Howard

Every now and then we all get a little writer's block. The other day I frustratingly typed "help me write" into the Spotify search bar, hoping it would give me a playlist that would break down my mental walls. It did thankfully, apparently, I'm not the only one with this issue. It's pretty normal to get writer's block for lengthy articles, but have you ever had it bad for the short stuff -  like a tweet?

If you're in charge of social media or one of your tasks is generating a million tweets a minute, then you probably know what I mean. You're staring at your screen, trying to manipulate your words, hoping you choose the right ones and that your CTA is clear within those 280 characters. Even people that write all the time struggle with this.

Twitter is a dynamic realm of opinions, news, and so much more. Behind the hashtags, memes and trending topics, there are masterminds creating content that resonate with millions of different people, and other people that fall short.

Wendy's is a great example of a company that has mastered Twitter. They do a great job of engaging with their followers in what until now has been an unconventional way. They take twitter users' responses to their food/brand/competition and turn them into jokes. If you haven't seen it their tweets yet, then you should - you'll laugh. However, I bet the people at Wendy's also struggle every now and then to find something fitting to say.

Here are 7 ways to engage your followers when you get stuck

Ask Questions

A classic way to engage your followers is to ask them questions. Throw in something that makes them think or lets them respond to you. Example: #CventCONNECT is right around the corner! Have you registered yet?

Use Fun Facts and Quotes

Be thoughtful and show a personable side to your twitter. Share quotes about life, humanity, travel, anything! Also throw in some fun facts, people love reading and sharing them.  Your followers will retweet or favorite something they found thought-provoking.

Throw in a Funny Joke or Meme

Don't stray away from being funny or relatable. A huge part of being a human is having the ability to laugh. Stay appropriate and make sure what you're sharing is beneficial, not offensive.

Ask for Feedback!

Twitter is the perfect place to get quick responses. Ask your followers what they think about you, your products, or anything else relevant.

Tweet Pictures

Use pictures to show behind the scenes, pictures of your team, and any interesting scenes to lighten up your followers' feeds.

Respond to Your Followers

Let your followers know that you see what they say! This helps them feel heard and then want to establish a relationship with you.

RT for X Fav for Y

A trend right now is "Retweet for X, Favorite for Y". People are using this as a chance to poll their followers and also get some free and effortless PR. This simple poll will have people hitting one of the two buttons on your tweet all day.

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