May 08, 2019
By Cvent

As our tech teams never stop rolling out new product features and enhancements it can be hard to keep up with the volume.  We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a brief summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new. Reach out to your Client Delivery Manager for more details on any of the below topics.

Eloqua Forms Integration

Cvent Conference now offers integration with one or more Eloqua forms. Attendee profile data and activity can be pushed to Eloqua Forms in real-time based on configured triggers. This allows key activities, like registration, session enrollment, session attendance and lead scans to be delivered to your Eloqua system as they happen through the event.

Badge Photo Upload Enhancement

Based on your feedback, we’ve added the ability for Speakers and Attendees to crop their badge photo when they upload. This will improve the quality of submitted badge photos.

Nomination Feature Improvement

The revamped nomination feature in Cvent Conference helps event planners and administrators manage suggested event attendees. These updates offer a simpler, cleaner user experience for both the nomination process as well as the nomination approval process.


New Reports Now Available

Cvent Conference system reports are being updated and there are 33 new reports now available for use in conjunction with the traditional reporting system. These reports give you the ability to visualize cross-event data through grids, charts, and graphs. Below are just two of the new reports available.


New Session Highlight Feature

Planners can now add a highlight flag to sessions that will appear to the attendee in Connect. These highlights can be set to expire after a set number of days per highlight and will make it easier for attendees to spot key content.

Mobile Connect Redesign Underway

We’re in the process of reworking the mobile user interface and experience for attendees. Our mobile-optimized version of Connect is in an Early Adopter phase and currently offers the following functionality:

  1. Session list & detail views
  2. Session filtering
  3. Enrollment/unenrollment in sessions
  4. Session interests
  5. Sessions colors by track or type
  6. Session icons by track or type
  7. Schedule view including sessions, conference events, 1-1 meetings, & personal time
  8. Available time slots
  9. GDPR support

See examples of the mobile Session list and Schedule view below. If you’re interested in learning more or participating as an Early Adopter customer contact your Client Delivery Manager.


What’s Next for Cvent Conference

Here's just a sneak peek of a few items coming soon for the Cvent Conference product.

  • Mobile Connect redesign continues - Exhibitor list and Detail view will be the next enhancements added to our mobile redesign efforts.
  • Registration limits by profile values - Planners will be able to manage audience registration by limiting the available registration spots for specific audiences.
  • Document creator files in Speaker Resource Center - Planners can create personalized documents for session participants and make them available in the Speaker Resource Center similar to documents available through registration.

More to come next month!

This post was authored by Jackie Ramos, Sr. Product Manager at Cvent. Jackie is a mom of three and in her spare time she enjoys weightlifting, hiking, and reading. 



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