New Cvent Supplier Network Redesign Features

CSN Tablet Search Results

A cleaner, simpler user interface that's easier for you to navigate and shows off venues the way they want to be seen.

Planners can now search geographically through the use of our new map search powered by Google.

Venue List functionality

Use the Supplier Network like an e-commerce platform with a venue list that appears throughout their search, allowing us to provide planners with venue recommendations based on venues they already have in their cart.

Updated venue profiles

Greater focus on key content (menus, images, floorplans), bigger images to showcase venues, and a single-page design that organizes all the venue's data in a single place for easier browsing.

Quick view functionality

Quick view search results to see an overview of the hotel without clicking into a profile.

We've unified search so that venues (including Special Event Venues) and restaurants appear on the same results page, simplifying the research process for planners.


We are further integrating the Promotions Hub with targeted promotions to planners looking for event dates that match deals venues have available.

Date handling for deeper searches

Now planners can input their event dates and number of attendees into the search, enabling us to serve more specific hotel matches and relevant promotions.

Mobile enhanced

The Cvent Supplier Network now works across all devices to keep pace with planners' move to mobility for search.

New Profile Redesign Highlights

Profile Redesign Highlights
  •  Complete redesign of page

  •  More focus on key content: menus, images, floorplans

  •  A design focused more on images

  •  Single-page design that organizes all data in one place

  •  Future-ready so it remains adaptable to upcoming media

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