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Reducing event costs by 90% using virtual 

DuCharme, McMillen & Associates pivoted their holistic events program to virtual while maintaining their marketing workflow with Cvent. They’ve seen a 4X increase in average attendance and 90% savings per event in the virtual environment. 

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Spiking registration with mobile apps

A non-profit organization, CUE used Cvent to pivot to a virtual event in just one week, driving 750 more registrations in a week with 200K mobile app engagement points across 5,400 virtual attendees.

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Sherman College Chiropractic

Achieving record revenue

In just 15 days, Sherman College of Chiropractic pivoted their annual Lyceum conference to virtual with Cvent. They expanded their reach to attract new registrants and drive an additional $23,000 in revenue, the highest in the event’s 20-year history.

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University of Southern California

Creating community through engagement

USC uses Cvent’s Attendee Engagement tools to foster community across thousands of attendees at its annual Trojan Family Weekend. Leveraging insights from Cvent, they increased registrations by 19% and attendance by 29%. They generated hundreds of thousands of engagement points across their annual event to keep attendees informed and energized throughout the weekend. 

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University of Southern California

Growing attributed revenue by 123%

Morningstar uses Cvent’s end-to-end Event Marketing and Management solution to plan and promote their annual global Morningstar Investment Conferences. Using a deep tech stack with Cvent at the center, they’ve measured 123% increase in attributed revenue and 12% increase in total global event profit.

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University of Southern California

Centralizing programs saves $11M

Autodesk uses the Cvent Supplier Network and other Cvent solutions, including Strategic Meetings Management (SMM), to strategically source and manage hundreds of venues for their global events program. They saw a 28% growth in meetings managed and almost $11 million in savings in just one year as a result.

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Sourcing faster – by 43%

cievents relies on a close partnership with Cvent to deliver ROI for their clients' events. They sped up sourcing timelines by 43% using the Cvent Supplier Network and saved 20% per room night. Using comprehensive Cvent solutions, they saved $732,000 on travel costs, achieved 20% total savings, and increased revenue by 31%.

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Lincoln FInancial

Building a 22% jump in attendance

Lincoln Financial Group used Cvent’s Strategic Meetings Management solution to get complete clarity and deep insight into their total meetings program, increase meetings attendance by 22%, and track almost $1.5M in savings on meeting spend.

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Kaiser Permanente

Using tech to cut lead time by 97%

Kaiser Permanente, a not-for-profit organization, took their events program digital and leveraged new reporting and tracking features to help support strategic decision making. Managing 200 events annually, the team used event tech to decrease event lead time by 97% and ensure data accuracy for senior leadership.

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Award-worthy meetings & events

Celebrating success in virtual, hybrid, and in-person events from Cvent’s annual global awards program, the Cvent Excellence Awards.


Creating efficiencies with event tech

Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits powers their total event program with Cvent. They’ve saved over $375,000 in room block management for thousands of contracted room nights with Cvent Passkey and over $200,000 in labor costs thanks to the integrated platform.

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CHG Healthcare

Creating a people-first culture with event technology at the core

CHG Healthcare eliminated manual processes and unnecessary costs without sacrificing their people-first culture by partnering with Cvent. Learn how centralizing their tech stack helped save $32,000 on a single event and raise over $645,000 for charity in the first ten months with Cvent.

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Powering the sales pipeline through event tech

Fidelity Information Services (FIS) executed successful virtual and in-person events with Cvent to help drive pipeline attribution. They saw 49% more deals influenced and 680 influenced opportunities for a total TCV of $509M on top of already impressive performance year-over-year.

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