August 04, 2017
By Mansi Soni

Event Email marketing has become one of the most effective ways to build participation for your event. However, with inboxes being flooded with hundreds – maybe even thousands – of emails every single day, how do you make your event’s emails stand out?

Here are three useful tips to help you build an engaging event email strategy:

1. Decide on your marketing persona

Obviously, you’re marketing your event to prospective delegates, but you have to understand who exactly you’re targeting before starting marketing. Here are some questions to ask yourself: Are they existing customers? Prospects? Are they Millennials? Where do they live? What’s important to them? Have they attended your event before? Your answers should help you build your strategy.

2. Keep it simple

Emails are all about simplicity: you should be sending a short, concise message. Your email should look genuine. Make sure you leave detailed information and heavy copy for your registration or landing page. The “keep it simple” rule also applies to your Call to Action (i.e. what action you want the recipient to take after reading the email). It should be as simple as “Register Now!” making it very clear to the reader.

3. Align your email strategy with your event’s brand

Your event’s brand should come through in everything you do – including the emails you send to delegates and prospects. Make sure this is reflected in your email design too – it should look identical to the place you’re sending the reader (probably your registration page). An event registration solution like Cvent’s platform allows you to set up and maintain consistent branding across your emails, registration page and mobile event app.

Pro tip: Subscribe to events you admire. Pay close attention to how often you receive emails for that event, what the content of the email is, and whether the subject line was intriguing enough for you to open the email and click through.

And there you have it – you’re ready to create engaging event invitations!

How do you build your event email strategy? Share with us your unique tips or tricks in the comments section below.


Mansi Soni

Mansi is part of the content marketing team at Cvent. She has 7+ years of experience in developing content for the travel and hospitality industry and leads the content production team for the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. When not researching new topics for writing, she can be found making glass paintings, trying new ice cream flavours or playing family games.
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