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Event registration counter and check-in screen

275M+ registrations processed

Cvent’s technology has added time in our day, freed us up to be more creative, and made it easier for our attendees to take advantage of what we offer.
Heather D.
Cornell University
Event attendees wearing name badges and live event with speakers on stage

7M+ events managed

We have a great partnership with Cvent. Cvent is our primary registration tool for virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings, and is our one-stop shop.
Heather L.
Customer support agent

24/7 customer support

We were really thrilled with the steps the team took to hold our hands as first-time customers, and we really felt that level of support.
Julie S.
American Marketing Association

Powerful event management software

Automate your event planning process with Cvent event technology.
Host engaging webinarsin-personvirtual, and hybrid events and get real results.


Capture event registrations in beautiful online experiences

Design custom branded sites


Connect to your audience with personalized app experiences 

Build engaging mobile event apps


Quickly check in attendees and print badges on demand

Improve your check-in and badging


Create interactive webinars on a powerful, flexible platform

Plan webinars attendees will love


Build engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid events

Create the perfect event


Capture and integrate the data most important to you

Integrate with all your systems


Venue sourcing made easy

Find the perfect venue for your next event with the Cvent Supplier Network. Search over 300K global venues, send RFPs, compare bids, and impress attendees.

Find venues for free

Join thousands of planners and marketers who love our software

G2 badges that show Cvent ranked for several awards in 2024, including: Leader of Spring 2024, Enterprise Leader in Spring 2024, and Momentum Leader of Spring 2024.
Nearly 1,800 G2 users have rated Cvent 4.3 out of 5, and over 900 Capterra users have rated Cvent 4.5 out of 5.

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That's a wrap on Cvent CONNECT 2024!

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Maximize the impact of all your meetings and events with easy-to-use, integrated event technology.

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  • Plan and market events
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