May 24, 2017
By Amrutha Sarayu

Growing the ROI of your events amidst increasing competition has become more challenging than ever. One of the key ways to tackle this challenge is by benchmarking your events’ performance with others in the industry. Equipped with valuable insights, you can identify the gaps and take more strategic decisions that can provide your organisation a sustainable competitive edge.

Keeping this in mind, Cvent recently launched its Second Annual Global Event Industry Benchmarks Study to help you understand how meeting professionals around the globe are planning and executing their events. The report surveyed more than 800 event planners, executives and marketers, and provides valuable insights into how they budget, target attendees, create content, market events, enhance onsite experience, collect feedback, and measure return on investment.

How do the practices and processes used by planners, marketers, and executives around the globe compare with those used at your organisation? What tools are event professionals integrating with established technology to increase their efficiencies? What new technologies might enhance content and better engage attendees at future events? The survey results cover these questions and much more.

Here are some eye-opening facts from the study:


18% respondents said budgeting is the most challenging part of event planning and execution.
38% respondents said email marketing is the most effective marketing channel for promoting events.
72% of planners, marketers, and executives say it is important to collect event-related data.
21% of marketers cited attendance numbers as their top measurement to assess ROI.

Check out this cool infographic for key highlights of the study or download the full report.

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Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha Sarayu

Amrutha is a content writer and marketer at Cvent. She mainly writes about the meetings and events industry, with a special focus on technology that is designed for making the lives of planners easier. When not writing, she can be found taking part in reading challenges or watching food videos on YouTube. 
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