June 22, 2022
By Noah Bongard

Cvent Conference News: May-Jun 2022 Product Round Up

We’ve gathered the recent Cvent Conference product updates below into a summary to make it easy for you to see what’s new that has launched in May and June of 2022.


Recent Releases

Pending Payments removal from Exhibitor Invoices

When using the Exhibitor module payments can be added to invoices in a pending status until payment has been accepted. If changes are need to the original invoice the pending payment can now be removed from the original invoice.


  • When to use: this is now the Conference standard for Exhibitor invoices
  • Who would use:  Support Staff, Exhibitor Managers, Planners


Honorarium visibility

Within the Speaker Resource Center (SRC) the ability for a speaker to see how much of an Honorarium they will be receiving for their participation at the event. This information displays on the SRC home page.


  • When to use: when an Honorarium is in use for speakers 
  • Who would use:  Speaker Managers, Planners


Registration code can now use package pre-requisite and exclusion values

Registration packages can be configured to have either pre-requisite or excluded purchase items for their associated registration packages be respected within the registration code configuration.


  • When to use: when pre-requisite and excluded package configuration needs to be considered with registration code usage
  • Who would use:  Support Staff, Exhibitor Managers, Planners, end users


Deep linking into Attendee Resource Center

The process for an un-authenticated user committing an action within the Attendee Resource Center (ARC) that allows the user, once authenticated to return to the original page and complete the original action. This will allow planners to provide a URL to a specific page or detail modal directly to a desired audience. End users will now have the ability to use a copy or share button from an ARC item (session, speaker, or exhibitor) directly with others.


  • When to use:  when you want to have a user complete a specified action on a page or modal within the Attendee Resource Center (ARC)
  • Who would use:  Planners, Support Staff, and end users


Attendee Resource Center widget added to Registration Confirmation page

To streamline the process for recently registered users to get into the Attendee Resource Center (ARC) and allowing them begin building their agenda, the ability to add the ARC widget to the Registration Confirmation page has been created.


  • When to use:  when utilizing the Attendee Resource Center (ARC) and Sessions, Speakers, and/or Exhibitors have been published
  • Who would use: Support Staff, Registration Managers, Planners, Registered Users


What’s Upcoming?

Here’s a sneak peek of a few enhancements that are in the works for later this year:

  • New endpoint for managing Exhibitor registrants – Conference APIs will be able to facilitate the ability for 3rd parties to link Exhibitor and their Invitees or Registrants
  • Ability to order My Portal widgets on the My Portal page ability to set the order for the utilized widgets as desired


For more information on any of these new releases or to learn more about the features we’re working on you can reach out to Noah Bongard, Product Manager at [email protected] for product demonstrations or roadmap details or contact Joe Meehan, Client Delivery Director at [email protected] for all other questions.


In case you missed the Conference launch details from the past few months:


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