August 20, 2019
By Madison Howard
Your organization’s meetings and events provide something increasingly valuable in our noisy world. A unique way to connect face-to-face with customers, prospects, partners, members, and more.

Value of Meetings and Events

Recognizing this value, organizations continue to invest heavily in their meetings and events programs. Today, they represent, on average, 24% of B2B marketing budgets. Why? Because they work. Outside of a company’s website, events are the most effective marketing channel.

The Changing Landscape

However, the meetings and events industry is evolving at a rapid pace. This is driven by increased attendee expectations for relevance and value, a greater focus on event ROI from internal leadership, and the rapid proliferation and adoption of event management technology. Importantly, organizations that embrace these changes can deliver more impactful meetings and events that become significant contributors to revenue and organizational success. And, with the rise of event technology and marketing automation, this success can be proven with hard data.

Where Does Your Organization Land?

With all these changes, identifying where your organization currently sits and how to improve can be tough. The question is, how are you doing compared to your peers? What are others doing that you could do? What does “good” look like and how does your organization get there?

Event Evolution Model

These questions are the reason that Cvent created the “Event Evolution Model.” Founded in 1999, Cvent is a leading meetings, events, and hospitality management technology provider with over 2.7 million events managed, 3,500 employees, 25,000 customers, and 300,000 users around the globe. This evolution model is an assessment of the relative maturity of your organization’s meetings and events program. Importantly, it’s not meant to reflect any one individual’s capabilities or skills. Rather, it’s meant to examine how your organization plans, resources, executes, and measures your meetings and events program. Specifically, the Event Evolution Model examines four Centers of Performance for meetings and events.

Centers of Performance

Event Strategy

An organization’s ability to develop a purposeful, measurable, and data-informed meetings and events program that aligns with organizational goals.

Event Execution

An organization’s ability to execute the defined Event Strategy efficiently and effectively across the entirety of the meetings and events program.

Attendee Experience

An organization’s ability to deliver a seamless, personalized event experience to attendees, as well as the ability to capture attendee buying signals and feedback.

Measurement & Optimization

An organization’s ability to translate event and attendee data points into provable value for the organization and attendees, as well as to optimize the program based on data-driven insights.

Find Out Where You Land

Get your benchmark to find out where your events program falls on Cvent's Event Evolution Model.

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Madison Howard

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