December 12, 2016
By Cvent Guest

As a meeting planner, you probably recognize this scenario:

Your event begins at 9 A.M.

After 3 ½ hours of sleep, you awake at 5:00 A.M. to finish stuffing name tags.

“Woohoo…,” you mumble faintly to yourself as you perf another tag from a 6-up sheet. “Only 400 to go…”

As event registration experts for over 30 years, we know exactly what that feels like.

And while we stand by the tremendous value of the all-important name tag, we also know the do-it-yourself meeting planner is tackling 100s of other tasks, before, during, and after the event. It sure would help to have someone do them for you, wouldn’t it?

That’s when pc/nametag’s professional services really come in handy. Besides our state-of-the-art printing services for name tags, lanyards, signage and any other swag-related items, plus on-staff artists and print specialists overseeing every job from start to finish, we also hand assemble and organize your  name tags, even ship them directly to your event. We call it Namebadges to Go®, and it requires the expertise of assembly technicians, Jane Boebel and Lisa Lillie.

services_teampcPictured (from left to right): Lisa Lillie, Megan Boyce, Jane Boebel 

Once the printing department completes a customer job, it’s handed over to this assembly team, along with a check list containing all the order instructions. Typical requests ask for stuffing name tags into holders or pouches, including badge ribbons and/or raffle tickets, and adding magnet attachments or lanyards to the name tags.

However, when it comes to requests, the sky’s the limit. For instance, customers can be very specific and include directions about “traying” the badges backwards. (Trays are part of the Oneway™ Name Tag Case, a great way to ship name tags, then organize and display them for the registration table.)

“They require name tags go right to left, instead of left to right. Or, go back to front instead of front to back,” explains Lisa, who’s worked in assembly for nearly two years.  “I even received a diagram from a customer showing exactly how she wanted the name tag tray to be set up.”

Obviously, many of our customers know exactly what they want. “If they have their registration area set up a certain way, then they want their tags a certain way,” says Jane, lead service assembly technician for 11 years.

One of her most unusual requests was to attach gold stars to the bottom of each name tag representing the number of years each employee worked with the organization. Hundreds of name tags and thousands of gold stars later, Jane’s keen eye for detail and the team’s unwavering drive for precision keep those particular customers coming back year after year.

And then there’s Megan Boyce, service technician for nearly three years and the ambidextrous assembler, who focuses on customer sample packs, in-stock product packaging as well as handling all event signage. She recently produced 200 table top banners in seven different designs and boxed them all separately to ship to different locations.

The real challenge for this trio of perfectionists is not keeping up with the endless variety of requests, but rather juggling many assembly jobs, sometimes 40 to 50 per day, up to 60 during peak meeting times of the year – February thru April, September and October. Three to four temps join the team during peak months, with employees from different departments rotating in as needed.

And what does the assembly team consider a large job?

“About three to four thousand name tags,” says Jane. A job that big requires lots of planning ahead, especially if five to 10 rush jobs show up that must go out the same day. The team is currently preparing for their biggest order ever – 40,000 name tags.

“The key is to collect all the parts of the job, lay them out and try to get someone working on assembly the entire time,” adds Megan.

Jane is proud to report that in 2016 alone, the team stuffed over one million name tags!

“I love the feeling of completing a job and knowing that the meeting planner will have a well-organized presentation for their registration area, and that we’ve made their job a lot easier,” says Jane.

Megan agrees. “Our products and service not only represent pc/nametag, but the meeting planner as well. When something’s reflecting on you, you want it to be perfect, and that’s what we aim to deliver, each and every order.”

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