June 11, 2021
By Cvent Success Team

We kicked off our Solution Evolution blog post series with The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with Cvent Upgrades, followed by The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with Cvent Flex, The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with New Reports and Access Portals, and The Solution Evolution: New Meeting Request Form. Next up, we'll be embarking on The Solution Evolution: What to Expect with the Cvent Salesforce App.

We know how important CRM integrations are to connect your event data with your own internal systems. These integrations allow you to streamline processes and share key data with stakeholders who may not use Cvent. The Cvent Salesforce App not only lets you sync your event data from Cvent to your Salesforce account, but also offers plenty of new features to automate your workflows.

The Cvent Salesforce App

Whether you're already using our legacy Salesforce connector or are looking for a new way to connect your system to Cvent, the app can be configured to suit your business needs. The Cvent Salesforce App is an app that you can install in your Salesforce instance, giving your Salesforce admin complete control over who can access the data. You can link your Cvent events with your campaigns in Salesforce to have event attendees added to those campaigns automatically, giving your users insight into those contacts' event history. With the app, you can also automate the creation of tasks and opportunities to help your sales team manage new prospects. Need more detail on your attendees’ activities? The app lets you sync attendees’ activity data, including email delivery status, session enrollments and participation, appointment statuses, exhibitor booth scans using Cvent LeadCapture, feedback submissions, and more.

What's New & Different

The Cvent Salesforce App builds on the functionality of our legacy integration to give you more opportunities to track your event data and prove the ROI of your events. Rather than setting up specific integration points that trigger data syncing to Salesforce, your event data syncs on a scheduled basis. The app also supports shield encryption

To fully understand what's new and improved, you need to understand the features included with the different license types. There are three license types available for the app:

  • Data: This version of the app allows you to sync your Cvent event, invitee, and registrant information to Salesforce. If you are already using the legacy out-of-the-box Salesforce integration, this version of the app is the equivalent.
  • Standard: In addition to the features available with the Data only license, the Standard license gives you the opportunity to register, modify, and cancel invitees directly from Salesforce. With this functionality, Salesforce users without a Cvent login can send invitation emails and register invitees.
  • Premium: The Premium version of the app includes the features from the Data and Standard versions, as well as the option to nominate invitees. The nomination feature allows you to set up an approval process to approve or deny invitees based on certain criteria. By requiring nominations, you control who can be invited to your event, ensuring only the most qualified contacts are invited.


Once you've purchased the integration, the Cvent Developer Hub outlines the steps you need to take to get started installing the app. When you're ready to set up the Cvent Salesforce App, your account team can loop in an integrations solutions specialist to assist you with the process. You can also refer to the Developer Hub to learn more about the latest releases for the Cvent Salesforce App. Our Customer Support team is available 24/7 to assist you with questions or troubleshooting, and the Community offers information on other integrations with Cvent

Stay tuned for the next feature to be highlighted in The Solution Evolution blog series! 


Jenna Hostutler

This post was written by Jenna Hostutler, Solutions Specialist at Cvent. Jenna is a Villanova University alum who enjoys travel, tennis, and trivia. 


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