San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau Success Story

Since implementing Passkey to manage group bookings across multiple properties, the San Jose CVB has become a more valuable and effective partner for the region's hotels.
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Using Passkey to Book More Groups for Peak Nights

Sometimes, though, Karla runs into problems - like trying to obtain rooms for her clients on peak nights or shoulder dates. "The shoulder dates can still be peak nights for individual hotels, or they might have a higher occupancy rate because of in-house events," she notes. As the Housing Sales and Services Manager, she's still trying to work together with hotels to help her clients, which sometimes requires getting in touch with multiple people at any given hotel to get enough rooms at the group rate.

Understandably, these struggles can be frustrating to her clients, with Karla adding, "Sometimes they can think that we don't want to help or that the hotels aren't being a partner, or that the city isn't working with them."

This is where Passkey comes in. Using Passkey, Karla can offer overflow blocks at a different hotel to keep the rate as close to a group rate as possible. "Every day, I use Passkey to manage all the hotels I'm working with for groups - I've done up to fifteen hotels at one point. For different groups, I can have four groups, or even seven or eight groups, open at one time." This efficiency has saved her so much time in the short term and the long term. It also maintains rate integrity and ends up benefiting her clients directly.

One Place to Manage a Booking

Another key benefit of Passkey is that it provides a single website per event, instead of spreading multiple hotels across different websites, or booking through an interface that promotes the hotel or destination instead of the event itself, which is something event planners specifically look for when building their event experience from start to finish. This centralized booking site streamlines the process of finding enough rooms at rates that suit her clients' needs, and makes it easier for the planner to see how many rooms are being picked up at any given time.

Karla has also benefited greatly from the suite of reports available to Passkey users. Receiving daily reports, pickup reports, rooming lists, sub logs, and more, all from one system, has been a lifesaver. She especially loves the flexible formatting and editing capabilities that let her adjust the look and feel to the audience, whether it's senior management or the clients themselves.

More Revenue and Happier Customers

Since implementing Passkey, there's been a noticeable revenue increase for the San Jose CVB. With Passkey, Karla can monitor how many rooms are being picked up, what the need dates are, and reach out to hotels directly without the client needing to ask or get involved. Working with hotels to get more rooms or adjust accommodations for groups visiting San Jose is a win for everyone, and it improves the guest experience tenfold. She's also found it particularly useful for managing large groups that have multiple sub blocks, saying, "to be able to monitor those sub blocks and their rooms, and make changes to the way they used to be making those reservations - I think that was a huge improvement and they loved that I suggested it." This shift in room block management was a simple fix that has resulted in greater revenue for the CVB and its hotel partners.

When asked what she would say to others considering Passkey, Karla says she'd recommend it without hesitation: "It's a one stop shop - it makes your life easier, it makes the hotel's life easier. My hotel partners love it. They're confident that I'll do the job correctly, manage the staff and VIP lists, and that it'll be seamless when I send over the rooming list to them."

Looking toward the future, Karla's goal is to get more groups for housing and work with the hotels more, using Passkey. "It's very user friendly and I think all the changes they're making, all of the new features, will continue making it easier for us."