December 05, 2019
By Megha Jetley

Hear from a Celebrity on the ins, outs & everything there is to know about the Cvent Celebrity programme.

In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to celebrate your customers, keep them engaged, and reward them for their loyalty. With this idea in mind, we created Cvent Celebrity in 2015, Cvent’s loyalty and rewards programme. Cvent Celebrity aims to educate, connect, delight, and surprise Cvent users like you.

With over 6,632 members, the Cvent Celebrity programme allows Cvent users to earn points for completing educational and fun challenges and redeem those points for amazing rewards such as Amazon and Starbucks gift cards.

We sat down with Cvent Celebrity Megan Vivier, the Senior Programmes & Advancement Specialist at Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, to discuss what it means to be a Cvent Celebrity.


Megan joined Cvent Celebrity in early 2016 and has consistently been engaged with the programme while also being a regular at Cvent’s marquee event, Cvent CONNECT (she attended 3 back to back conferences!). Megan has completed over 2,000 Celebrity challenges and boasts over 161,000 lifetime points.

How did you learn about the Cvent Celebrity programme?

I joined a few years ago when it was called the Advocate community during my first visit to Cvent CONNECT. I came across this booth and got hooked. I figured it to be a great way to connect and learn from your industry peers, so I decided to join, and I have been a member ever since.

Given your busy schedule, how do you find time to participate in the Celebrity programme?

I take the train for travelling to my work always. I have the Celebrity app in my phone so at the end of the day, while I travel back from the office, I usually have the downtime to login to the app and do some of the challenges. I try to carve out a bit of time to pop in and to check out things in the hub.

How often do you log into the Celebrity hub and complete challenges?

I try to login once almost every day. I don’t want to miss out on those limited time period challenges and content, plus the daily bonus points.

What do you think is unique about the Cvent Celebrity programme?

For me, there are several unique things about the programme. First, the fact that the rewards are huge. There is something for everyone and as per their needs and liking. Second, the fact that Cvent tries to help you grow as an individual event organiser. The featured podcast is great as it explores different topics of the events industry and it has helped me learn a lot just by being a Cvent Celebrity. It’s one platform that provides the chance to discover new things, engage in a fun way with industry peers and professionals, and celebrates little things like work anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

What do you enjoy most about being a Cvent Celebrity?

I love when I go to a Cvent CONNECT conference and see all the promotions and the preferences I get just for being a celebrity. It makes me feel like Cvent values their loyal users with the leverage I get being a Celebrity amongst other attendees. I enjoy the in-hub challenges about new product features and functionalities that helps me learn what new things Cvent is rolling out.

How has the Cvent Celebrity programme helped you as a Cvent user?

This programme shows me what’s coming down the Cvent product roadmap (new releases and updates) and helps me understand the robust nature of the technology available to me. I get access to all the problems other Cvent users face and my peer’s solutions. I learn about what is changing and what I can look forward to at Cvent when I sign into Cvent Celebrity.

What else would you like to share about the Cvent Celebrity programme?

The programme has continued to impress me with Cvent’s updates, news, events, and product offerings delivered through the Celebrity programme, ensuring that Cvent users are familiar and comfortable with the basics of all the software solutions. I take this programme as an opportunity to stay engaged and connected.

Want to learn more about the Cvent Celebrity programme? Visit today.


Megha Jetley

Megha Jetley joined Cvent as the Team Lead, Customer Marketing after more than five years in the journalism world based in New Delhi, India. As a passionate marketer, she's always willing to write on industry-relevant topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, teaching underprivileged kids and playing online games.
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