September 16, 2021
By Cvent Guest

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Volume 7 | September 16, 2021


We're sharing just a few of the many product updates recently made (below). 
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  • Discussions feature added to Attendee Website: Discussions allow attendees to participate in conversations on shared interests and topics in video conferencing rooms with up to five other attendees at a time.
  • Added the ability to download live stream recordings: You can now download the recording of your Cvent live stream sessions from the Video Settings tab within Cvent.
  • Incorporated custom card images into the Event App: Any custom images you've uploaded for link or video cards will now be displayed within the card on the Home page of Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website.

  • Added a template for the game: We've added a template that allows you to quickly create a game for your event with challenges and associated actions automatically included. You'll still have the ability to further customize the game once it's created.

  • Added support for polling on the Event App: Attendees can now respond to polls and view the results in real-time from the Event App. Moderators can also manage which questions should be available and when from the app.


  • Event Feedback Completion Metrics (Surveys Premium for Flex): A new report has been added to premium event surveys that display the feedback completion rates across all the surveys in the event.
  • Multilingual Surveys (Surveys Premium for Standalone): You can now create surveys with multiple languages and provide translations for the text used in the survey.


  • Session Bundles: Now create Session Bundles, a renaming of Tracks from Classic Registration. With Session Bundles you can bundle multiple sessions into one product so registrants can register for all of the sessions together.
  • Improved the registration experience for events with air requests: We've updated the air request widget so registrants will only see air request fields once they have chosen to book a flight during registration.


  • CSN Planner Account Sign-up: The account sign-up has been redesigned to support localization of 18 languages, browsers, and include email verification



  • Sept 17  Product roadmap Lunch & Learn at 1:30pm ET during our first ever Customer Week. Register.
  • Sept 28 or 30  Webinar: Create Smarter and Safer in-person Events with the Cvent ExchangeHear how you can leverage Cvent Exchange to find venues, layout spaces, and manage room blocks etc. 
  • Sept 30 – Sign up for FREE product certifications by 9/30. Once signed up you’ll have 60 days to take the certification test. Register today



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  • Sign up for Product News alerts. Every Thursday, we compile product releases from the previous week and share them in the Cvent Community. You can even subscribe to get these sent right to your inbox each week.
  • Cvent Notification Center news. For bigger releases we want to put extra spotlight on, we’ll be adding a card here in the Notification Center. You’ll only see release highlights for products or solutions you’re currently using. Typically, there will be a link you can click on to read more about this release.
  • Quarterly Product Update (QPU) webinar. Make ensure you're staying up to date with the latest product innovations by saving the date and joining each QPU. Listen to individual pre-recorded product update sessions on-demand during the day and then dial in from 3-4 ET to participate in our live Q&A to get your questions answered! Next QPU coming in November. 

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