November 02, 2021
By Brittany Fisher

Volume 8 | November 4, 2021


We're sharing just a few of the many product updates recently made (below). 
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  • Introduced attendance tracking for virtual sessions: With virtual attendance tracking, you can customize how long attendees must watch a virtual session on the Attendee Website before they are marked as a participant.
  • Introduced attendee messaging for the Attendee Website: Attendees can now send direct messages to each another on the Attendee Website.
  • Updated the view after a session ends: When a session ends, attendees will see information about the next session or appointment on their schedule, if the next activity is starting within two hours.

  • Introduced live view count for the Attendee Website: You can enable live view count if you want attendees to be able to see the number of people viewing a live or simulive session on the Attendee Website.


  • Added an invalid mobile number format warning:  If you're collecting mobile numbers and are requiring a secure verification code for modifying registrations after registration, a warning will now display to any attendee who inputs an invalid number format. 
  • Hybrid Reporting Updates: The newly created fields for Hybrid Event are now available in the reporting framework, so that you can report on the virtual capacities, virtual registration types, hybrid flag and counts of virtual vs in-person attendees at event and product level. The fields will be available in both Event level and Cross Event reports. 


  • Simplified and Redesigned RFP Creation and Management Experience: If you are opted in to the new sourcing experience, you will see a completely redesigned Suppliers blade, beginning with a simplified and streamlined RFP and continuing through to a modernized Venue List and Award process. In addition, many of the Cvent notification emails have been redesigned and localized. Users who are opted in will be able to switch back to the old experience at any time. This is only the first phase of our multi-phased planner side redesign project.



  • Nov 2 – Sign Up for our virtual Customer Success Group on maximizing your 2022 events. We also added two in-person events in early November in Dallas and Washington D.C. 
  • November 11 & 12 - Stay up to date with the most recent releases by signing up for the next Quarterly Product Update webinar. NEW this quarter is a second Live Q&A to accommodate more schedules. Live Q&A’s will be held November 11 at 3 PM ET and November 12 at 9 AM ET/2 PM GMT.  Register Now



Do you have an upcoming Attendee Hub event that would benefit from having highly produced video content? If so, we invite you to join the Cvent Studio Early Adopter Program.

  • Take this survey to be apart of our our web-based production tool that creates broadcast-quality video content. By joining the program, you will get to use Cvent Studio on your upcoming event and also play an instrumental role in helping shape the future of Cvent Studio by providing your honest feedback.



How to keep up with the latest product news?

  • Sign up for Product News alerts. Every Thursday, we compile product releases from the previous week and share them in the Cvent Community. You can even subscribe to get these sent right to your inbox each week.
  • Cvent Notification Center news. For bigger releases we want to put extra spotlight on, we’ll be adding a card here in the Notification Center. You’ll only see release highlights for products or solutions you’re currently using. Typically, there will be a link you can click on to read more about this release.


In case you missed previous months:

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Brittany Fisher

Brittany is a Senior Associate on the Product Marketing at Cvent. She has in-depth experience in the hospitality industry and a background in marketing and client success. In her free time she can be found traveling, going to art museums, trying out new wineries or spending time in the great outdoors.

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