August 20, 2019
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It’s easy to take a walk on the wild side at your next meeting with the help of your local CVB. Many times, you’re at a loss of what to do to keep your delegates and meeting goers engaged throughout an offsite or you want them to have a great outdoor experience to refresh them but not take up the entire day. The local CVB can help identify the perfect activity that will allow your next meeting to take a walk on the wild side.

Team Building in the Outdoors

Take your team into the great outdoors for a team building experience. If you’re looking for something a little bit different most areas have a challenge course. These facilities encourage teams to work together to get everyone from the start of the course to the end. Along the way, the team might encounter problems that they must solve and get to learn each other's strengths and weaknesses. Here in Eugene the Spencer Butte Challenge Course offers individuals of all abilities to work as teams scaling trees, conquering obstacles and learning how to problem solve in a supervised and safe environment.
Take a blast to the past and play in the sand. Sand sculpting might seem like child's play but it requires teamwork and concentration to succeed. Sand Master Park in Florence, Oregon (the world's first sandboarding park) offers an area where groups can compete to create sculptures and see who can work as a team for the best results.

Local Waterway Activities … Lakes, Rivers and Oceans

Explore the local waterway activities to bring excitement and engagement to your meeting. Join your fellow delegates and learn a new skill. Host a fly-casting class and demonstration. This can be a great off site with personal growth opportunities. A local expert from a local angling shop can take you to the banks of the river and guide you on your way to fly-casting mastery. With rod in hand, you will engage in a discussion of fly types, knot tying and fly-casting. Enjoy a picnic box lunch on the banks of the river.

White water rafting is another great way to experience the local waterways of your next meeting destination. Give everyone a paddle and work together navigating a mighty river, perfect for novice to experienced adventurers alike. It’s also a great way to get connected with your fellow delegates in an out of the boardroom experience.

Destination Discovery Tours

Try a hike to get out of the boardroom and into nature. Explore the many waterfalls and rivers throughout your meetings region from easily accessible trails. In the Eugene - Springfield metro area, there are many waterfall and river hikes within an hour. With so many rivers here, there is an extraordinary concentration of preserved covered bridges for those looking to enjoy the more scenic aspects of the outdoors.

Mountain biking and road cycling always spark the imagination of delegates. Bikes can be used as a form of transportation from one meeting facility to another or as a way to ride on the wild side. From the sparkling Pacific coastline, through the gentle Willamette Valley, and into the thrilling Cascade Mountains, Oregon's climate and topography are suited for cycling of all kinds. Home to three of Oregon's official scenic bikeways and Oakridge's renowned mountain biking trails, this region is a delight to see from a bicycle seat. Bike Magazine even went so far to name Eugene in their "5 Best Mountain Biking Towns."

An unforgettable meeting means more than just providing four walls and something to eat. Today you need to have some out of this world experiences to go with the learning. CVB’s are a great source of local information about activities unique to the area. They can even assist in setting them up with industry leaders. Get in touch with your local CVB and let them help you take a walk on the wild side.

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