August 20, 2019
By Kathy Dam

The popularity of event technology has skyrocketed. Everywhere you turn, new tools are being developed to help with event registration, onsite check-in, attendee tracking, event reporting, and everything in between. Technology helps organizations across the globe to transform their events programs. With technology, companies are now planning more efficiently, executing more flawlessly, and increasing the return they get from their events. It’s making a real business impact.

But how can you quantify this value to make your case for event technology? How can you prove to your executives that event technology is worth the investment?

This can be a real struggle for event planners and marketers. So, we wanted to help arm you with tools to confidently talk to your internal stakeholders about the value of event technology and the impact that it can have on your organization.

That’s why Cvent commissioned top research firm Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study on our Cvent Event Management Platform.

The study covers:

  • The benefits that actual customers have identified from using Cvent
  • The potential return you’ll get from the Cvent Event Management Platform
  • The expected amount of time it’ll take to recoup a Cvent investment
  • The insights needed to project your own ROI potential from using the platform

Click below for our infographic and some interesting insights and findings from the study! You can also download the free study to learn more and begin making your business case for event technology.

Kathy Dam

Kathy Dam

Kathy is a Team Lead for Sales Enablement at Cvent, working closely with our sales and marketing groups to help drive the company’s success. Her enthusiasm for writing started at a young age, following her through her time at the University of Virginia and in previous sales and marketing roles.

Outside of work, you can find her curled up on the couch with Netflix, on the hunt for her next dining experience, or jetting off to a new city.

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