December 05, 2022
By Cvent Success Team

Hosting a fully in-person event soon, and looking to leverage our Attendee Hub Event App? Curious on how you can maximize feature usage to make the most out of your Event App onsite? You’ve come to the right place! Below are several strategies that Cvent clients have found success with when it comes to maximizing their investment in the Cvent Event App, engagement onsite, fostering opportunities for networking & sponsorships, and creating a seamless, memorable experience for all attendees.

 One of the greatest perks of events returning to in-person, is the opportunity to connect and network face-to-face with other attendees. The Event App is here to make sure all of the attendees at your event get the opportunity to meet, and create those long-lasting connections that we find so helpful from attending in-person events. Some of the most useful features to accomplish this include 1:1 Attendee Messaging, Connections, Discussions, Live Q&A, Polling, and Gamification.

  • 1:1 Attendee Messaging allows your Attendees to send private messages to each other directly within the Event App, allowing for lots of opportunities for networking. Attendees can use the Attendee List to browse for those that they potentially might want to meet, and empowers them to reach out directly to that person.
  • Connections allow attendees to build their personal and professional network directly within the Event App. Attendees can grow their network over time and view connections they've made across all of your organization's events. This also includes the ability to see which of their past connections are also attending the current event.
  • Discussions are great for opening up the conversation among attendees, and letting them take a particular topic and run with it. Using discussions, attendees can participate in a video meeting with up to five other people at a time, or a chat conversation with as many other attendees who want to join. You can set the topic by adding a detailed title and description to the Discussions page as well as specify how long the conversation will last
  • Live Q&A and Live Polling are both great features for in-session engagement through the Event App. With live polling, attendees can respond to questions you create and view the results in real-time during a session. With Live Q&A, you can let your attendees submit questions during a session right from the Event App. If desired, add a moderator to decide which ones are visible to other attendees and displayed live.
  • Gamification gives some of your more competitive attendees their time to shine. With gamification, attendees are awarded points for completing tasks throughout your event. By completing the sets of tasks you've created, attendees can complete challenges and earn badges. Attendees can track their progress and ranking on the Event App as they all compete for the top spot.

Another perk of returning to in-person is giving your Partners, Sponsors, or Exhibitors the option to attend your event and network with attendees themselves, generating ROI for their organization as well as yours. Here at Cvent, we know how important that Return on Investment is for your Exhibitors and Sponsors, and for your organization as their partners, so we have several features within the Event App that will be a win-win for everyone.

  • Through Exhibitor Management, you can setup a list of all the Sponsors and all of the Exhibitors attending your event which can reflect in the Event App. Within Exhibitor and Sponsor profiles you can highlight their offerings by providing information, URLs, and documents about themselves.
  • On the homepage of the Event App, you can feature several Sponsors/Exhibitors to provide additional exposure to attendees. In addition to this, within the actual sessions at your event in the Event App, you can add Sponsored sessions.
  • Help highlight your different levels of Sponsors attending your event by setting up Sponsorship Levels in Exhibitor Management
  • Add Exhibitor Categories to give attendees additional information on your Exhibitors while they browse through the app. When you choose to assign exhibitors to categories, this will allow attendees to view exhibitors by type as well as in a list.
  • Add an Interactive Floor Plan to your Event App detailing your exhibit hall / sponsor booths so attendees can make note of who they want to visit in advance of the event, and reduce the chances of getting lost during the event.

One main goals of every event that leverages the Event App is to make sure that the onsite experience for attendees is seamless. Here are some ways you can make sure attendees are able to keep up with all of the details of your event, and have a stress-free experience onsite.

  • Push Notifications can be used to inform, remind, or update attendees about key event info. Even if someone chooses not to receive push notifications from the Event App or pop-up notifications from the Attendee Website, all messages will still appear in the Announcements section of the app and the Notifications section of the website.
  • Add web or video links to your Event App via Custom Cards to connect attendees to information found on external websites, allow attendees to access personalized content from third-party platforms, or share videos from YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo.
  •  Add Custom Pages to your Attendee Website and Event App to provide attendees with resources like FAQs, Wi-Fi, and other general information. Custom pages will appear on both the Attendee Website and Event App. 
  •  Speakers are considered the headliners of your event, typically keynoters, presenters, or moderators, and are often times one of the biggest “wow-factors” for attendees. Once associated to a session, a speaker will display within the Speakers icon in your app, and are also able to be featured on the homepage.
  • Looking to provide attendees with a handout, visual guide or document related to a session? Setup Session Documents so attendees can get additional information from the session other than the session description, a key takeaway, or summary you’d like them to have from the session.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of features that are available to be taken advantage of within the Cvent Events App for in-person events. Although there were a variety of features covered in this article, there are a plethora of others not mentioned. To see the full list, check out the Attendee Hub Glossary.

 From engagement, to generating ROI for your sponsors, to making sure attendees have stress-free and seamless experience, with the Cvent Events App, you are sure to produce a memorable event!


This post was written by Julianna Hampshire. Julianna is a Virginia Tech alum that loves working out, cooking, spending time with friends and family, and reading.
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