August 20, 2019
By Hannah Burks

In the third and final part of our Planner Wish List series, we’ll discuss how to master destination marketing and attract more meeting and event planners to your venue. In Rachel Andrews’ original post, she stressed the importance of the overall customer (and attendee) experience when choosing and planning a large event. The X-factor? Your city.

For Cvent CONNECT 2016, held in Las Vegas from June 26-30, Rachel noted the importance of the location’s individuality, “Las Vegas is known for its flashy lights and nonstop entertainment, which is one of the reasons it made our destination short list.” Regardless of the excitement that comes with an attraction as famous as Vegas, planners must account for all the competing distractions. Rachel continues, “Hotels should take a tip from The Venetian and The Palazzo, which offer plenty of unique experiences for attendees.” The hotel strives to optimize attendee satisfaction by harnessing the glam of Vegas without neglecting the importance of the venue itself.

Check out extra tips below on marketing to planners considering your destination.

Gain Brand Awareness, Be the Expert

As part of your online marketing strategy, provide a ton of information about your city – beyond tourism attractions. By keeping this information in one place, you’ll make it extremely easy for visitors to experience your city and culture. You’ll quickly gain customer loyalty when they realize you’re the industry expert at your destination.

Provide Pre-Made Itineraries

Promote your destination online with a customizable list of attractions, restaurants, and hotels. Instead of pushing a guided tour, build out custom itineraries surrounding your destination so planners and visitors can navigate the city like pros.

Amplify Current Ambassadors

Your venue’s most poignant and powerful stories come from experienced visitors. Use social media to find your own brand ambassadors who will spread the word about your venue. These enthusiastic people are the ones uploading vacation photos, commenting on your posts, or writing their own blog posts about how much they love events in your city!

Champion Exclusive Experiences

Take stock of the attractions that make your destination stand out in a traveler’s memory. Note that the most exclusive experiences aren’t always the most famous. Don’t just focus on the obvious temptations in your town – put some marketing effort in the experiences only you and your venue can offer.

Set yourself apart in the eyes of planners, prospects, and attendees and claim your share of the $14 million large companies are spending on offsite hotels and venues.

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