August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

It’s no secret that, as Cvent experts, we are all fluent in the “language” we speak. And at times we may put on our interpreter hats to translate your goals, needs, and questions into Cvent terms. That’s what we’re here for after all! But if you’re looking for a way to get the absolute most out of your Cvent interactions, here’s a list of the most commonly confused Cvent terms and their deconstructed explanations courtesy of one of our very own Client Success Consultants, Peter Watt, so you can sound like a PRO too!

(Disclaimer: Listen, this guide is by no means Rosetta Stone – and that’s how we like it! These are simple features and descriptions you’ll pick it up in no time. For additional terms, features, and their functions, take one of our training sessions.)

Registration Types

What are they for?

  • An attendee’s category as related to your event; the bucket they fall into
  • Determine availability of admission items, sessions, and optional items
  • Determine different fees for same item (Session A costs $50 for members, $75 for nonmembers)

How can someone be assigned a registration type?

  1. Registrants can select it from a dropdown
  2. Reference the contact record using their contact type
  3. Assign registration type based on invitation list settings

Admission Items

What are they?

A registrant’s “ticket” to the event – one Admission Item per every one Registrant

Can you give me an example?

I have a weekend conference with a Saturday Pass, Sunday Pass, and a Full Weekend Pass. I can set up each as an admission item and registrants can select which one they want to go to.


What are those?

Events within the main event. There are 2 types:

  • Included Sessions are added into everyone’s registration, no matter your registration type or admission item. These are usually general sessions or conference check-in.
  • Optional Sessions allow a registrant to select and build their agenda. Fees can be associated to these, and a capacity can be added to these types of sessions.

Session Groups

When should I use these?

When you have breakout sessions of the same topic, or for concurrent sessions.

What’s an example?

We have three sessions going on at the same time but I want registrants to only select one. I would create the three sessions and then add them to a session group. This forces the registrant to only select one out of the group.

Registration Paths

What do those do?

They determine the registrant’s experience. For instance, Speakers should be asked certain questions that General Attendee’s shouldn’t see. General Attendees can bring a guest though and Speakers cannot.

Registration Pages

What are those for?

You can add custom text to any page in the registration form, typically used for instructions or headers.

Website Pages

These are the pages that an invitee will see when they visit your Event Website before and after the Registration Process.

What are the specs?

All pages may be turned on or off except the Summary page – this is the main page of your Event Website. You can create Custom Pages to add information not already defaulted in Cvent.

Custom Contact Fields vs Registration Questions

Which one should I use?

Use Custom Contact Fields if you need to collect information from attendees that will remain constant across events. It the information is event specific, use Registration Questions.

Is there an example of each?

Custom Contact Field: Region or Member ID

Registration Question: Will you need a shuttle from the airport?

Invitation Lists

When should I use these?

Use multiple invitation lists to create different sets of emails that will go out to different types of attendees.

Do you have any tips?

Yes, of course! Create your emails in one invitation list first, then when you create a new invitation list, you can copy over the emails into the new list.

POP QUIZ – Download THIS for a Crossword of Cvent terms (who doesn’t love puzzles, really?)!

Some of the links above are to the Cvent Community, a go-to resource for step-by-step help articles & tutorials, user forums, 24×7 support, and more. Visit the Cvent Customer Success Center to learn more. 

This was written by Dixon Blue and Bella Marino, Client Success Consultants at Cvent. Dixon is an avid music-listener, book reader, tennis player, and food lover. Bella loves doing crosswords, road-tripping to visit friends and family, hanging out with her puppy-niece Penny the Golden Retriever, and pretty much any kind of pizza.

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