December 02, 2021
By Brittany Fisher

Volume 9 | December 2, 2021


We're sharing just a few of the many product updates recently made (below). 
See also complete weekly release notes:  Nov 4  *    Nov 11   *     Nov 18    *    Nov 23    


  • Added support for attendee messaging on the Event App. Attendees can now send direct messages to each other on the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website.

  • Moderators can now create polls on the Attendee Website. Moderators with "Audience engagement" permissions have the ability to create and edit their own polls from the Attendee Website before or during a session.

  • Added the ability to display sessions only in Attendee Hub. You can now choose whether to display sessions on Attendee Hub independent of registration, providing more control over where your attendees can add sessions to their schedules.

  • Introduced schedule transition notifications for the Attendee Website. The new schedule transition notifications automatically display on the Attendee Website five minutes before an attendee's next session or appointment is scheduled to begin, and include a link to the upcoming item.

  • Introduced a login background image on the Attendee Website. You can now add a background image to the login page of the Attendee Website.


  • Released My Cvent. My Cvent is a brand-new application that is designed to make the Cvent platform easier to use. If you have multiple accounts (or want to), you can use My Cvent to link together your users. Those links can in turn be used to allow you to navigate back and forth between the accounts all without ever having to sign out and sign back in.

  • My Cvent Switching Tool. Navigating between accounts can be done in My Cvent. However, it can also be done via the Switching Tool, which is embedded in the Profile menu in Core..



  • December 31 – All active events in Classic Registration must be completed.
  • Cvent Studio Early Adopter - Cvent Studio, our easy-to-use, web-based video production tool, is ready for early adopters! If you have an upcoming Attendee Hub event and want to create highly engaging video content, apply here for participation.



This year it felt like we were all working harder than ever. Show off all your remarkable work and get recognized at our 10th Annual Cvent Excellence Awards! Why Submit?

  • All finalists receive 2 tickets to Cvent CONNECT
  • A great chance to show of your success in front of the industry
  • Attend a showstopping awards ceremony with incredible entertainment, a catered dinner and plenty of goodies


In case you missed previous months:

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Brittany Fisher

Brittany is a Senior Associate on the Product Marketing at Cvent. She has in-depth experience in the hospitality industry and a background in marketing and client success. In her free time she can be found traveling, going to art museums, trying out new wineries or spending time in the great outdoors.

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