Powering successful client events with comprehensive Cvent solutions 

3x – 5x

increase in reach through virtual experiences


increase in attendance of client marquee conference

50% - 100%

average increase in attendance for virtual events

Event-Tech-Partner is a leading meetings and events agency which advises and assists companies, associations, and agencies in utilizing event technology to manage a wide range of events. They have supported clients across Europe in using digital solutions to power their events, particularly for the German speaking market. Working closely with Cvent, Event-Tech-Partner is leading their clients in creating effective and sustainable events using event technology. 

A powerful partnership: Cvent and Event-Tech-Partner

Holger Marggraf, Co-Chief Executive Officer, leverages an extensive background in the software industry to help guide clients in utilizing the right event technology for their programs. “We believe Cvent offers the strongest event marketing and management platform in the world, and it’s a main pillar of our business,” he says. The organization tailors each service offering to their clients’ specific requirements. This includes a number of available Cvent solutions like the Cvent Attendee Hub, Mobile Event App, Appointments, Registration tool, and more. 

Prior to the pandemic, Event-Tech-Partnerdelivered events ranging from small meetings featuring 50 attendees to large industry conferences with over 7,000 delegates. When the pandemic began, Holger’s team was integral in helping their clients navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic. “Events have always played an important role in the communication mix of companies,” he notes. “Due to the pandemic, it became impossible for our clients to conduct their events as usual, so we realized they needed a reliable, scalable solution to help them continue to meet their communication goals.” While some clients needed to quickly pivot a single event to virtual, others turned to Event-Tech-Partner to support their total event program. 

Cvent as a single source of truth 

Event-Tech-Partner first adopted the Cvent Attendee Hub to help pivot their clients’ events to virtual. As the events landscape evolved, they utilized the tool to support hybrid events as well as the return to in-person. By relying on a single integrated platform, Holger’s team ensured a seamless flow of data for their clients. They were also able to automate previously manual processes at a time when operating with efficiency was critical. “Many new technology aspects had to be handled, as a lot of clients previously relied on standalone systems or loosely coupled systems for different aspects of event management,” Holger explains. “With Cvent, we could bring everything into one platform.” This provided key time savings for their clients as well as a consistent source of data to better evaluate event performance. 

The value of flexible and scalable technology solutions 

The comprehensive and flexible nature of Cvent’s integrated solutions help ensure each client’s requirements are met. Holger explains, “That’s unique within the Cvent platform because it’s so comprehensive; the breadth of the Cvent platform is unique in the marketplace and also the depth of the platform.” For example, the Registration tool ensures all attendee data is automatically synced in the backend for data accuracy. The intuitive registration process also reduces friction for attendees and creates efficiencies for Event-Tech-Partner team so they don’t spend time manually syncing lists or modifying registrations. 

Within the Attendee Hub, attendees can view sessions as well use embedded features like moderated Q&A, live chat, and polling. Here, they can view key information through custom cards and pages, complete session and event-level surveys, and participate in networking.  They can also easily access session materials, speaker details, sponsors and exhibitor information, and much more. Push notifications ensure event organizers are able to communicate with their attendees in real time. Moreover, attendees can connect with one another through one-to-one messaging, instant networking, and attendee recommendations.   

Event-Tech-Partner is also able to support sponsor and exhibitors through the same singular platform experience. Virtual booths within Attendee Hub mean exhibitors can embed videos, upload documents, and meet with attendees through collaborative video chat. Exhibitors can also sponsor sessions or drive inbound leads through contact forms. Cvent’s Exhibitor Resource Center allows exhibitors to self-manage key tasks like uploading content, updating staff information, setting up email communications, and managing their appointments. Exhibitors are then able to view leads through on-demand reports within the Exhibitor Portal for quicker, more accurate follow up. 

Holger also notes one particular strength of the Cvent platform lies in its ability to integrate with other technology solutions. “We also have to integrate with our clients’ external systems, invoicing systems, marketing automation tools like Marketo, and CRMs like Salesforce,” Holger explains. Event-Tech-Partner is able to ensure a seamless flow of data between Cvent and other MarTech platforms to create a singular system of record.  

Proving event impact for client success 

Thanks to their expertise in utilizing event technology, Event-Tech-Partner has delivered hundreds of virtual, hybrid, and in-person events since the start of the pandemic. They have continued to drive impressive event performance for their clients by relying on Cvent solutions as a key part of their service offerings. “We use the Cvent platform for almost all of our events and our expertise is a key offering to clients,” notes Holger. As they continue to help their clients navigate the new event landscape, Holger sees the value of leveraging both in-person and virtual experiences for expanded audience reach. He notes that he often hears that organizations can increase their reach “by a factor of three-to-five” with the addition of a virtual component. As an example, an IT fair they helped pivot to virtual more than doubled their attendance from 3,000 to 7,000 delegates. He adds, “We regularly see increases of 50% to 100% in attendance.” 

In the near future, Event-Tech-Partneris looking forward to the opportunities afforded by a broad mix of event types and formats. “We see how in-person events are coming back, but it’s important to continue supporting our clients with this new mixture of events,” Holger insists. “On the one side, you have in-person events coming back more and more, but people still want to conduct online events and bring both parts together in a hybrid scenario.”  

Empowering in-person attendees with event technology  

With the return of in-person and the advent of hybrid events, Event-Tech-Partner now offers the Cvent Mobile Event App, the native app counterpart of the Attendee Hub. The app creates a seamless and consistent experience for attendees, allowing for continuous engagement throughout the event. Here, they can build their agenda, connect with sponsors or exhibitors, manage their schedule, and network with other attendees via one-to-one attendee messaging. They have access to all the same engagement tools, session information, documentation, surveys, and other features that are found in the Attendee Hub desktop experience. To help further deepen their engagement with fellow attendees, they can join group text discussions and even be matched with other attendees through Attendee Recommendations.  

The integrated Appointments solution is also a key tool in helping clients manage key meetings with virtual or in-person attendees. This tool allows event organizers, as well as sponsors and exhibitors, to set and manage pre-scheduled appointments with attendees. Custom notes and questions mean appointment organizers are able to tailor their meeting to specific needs and provide more detailed follow up post-event. Attendees are able to accept, decline, or edit their appointments as well as sync them to their personal calendar. With everything integrated directly into the Attendee Hub, attendees can easily access and manage their appointments via their desktop or mobile app.  

Scaling for the future  

As they continue to support their clients in managing in-person and hybrid events, Holger notes that Event-Tech-Partner continues to find support in their close relationship with their Cvent team. “Working with Cvent is excellent and we have incredible support from the partner team,” he says. “This is really extraordinary and our account managers understand our needs and our business.” He believes that the relationship is highly reciprocal as Event-Tech-Partner often provides feedback designed to help guide product development. He adds, “Working with Cvent is a real partnership and has been for six years now. We are always on the same page and that makes it a really excellent partnership, especially after having gone through this experience with COVID.”

In looking to the near future, Holger continues to see the importance of event as the industry continues to reshape itself. “Event technology is increasingly playing a very important role because it’s the foundation of any and every event,” he says. He believes this technology will be key in furthering the success of their clients’ event programs. “We have chosen Cvent because of the broadness of the platform, which supports all aspects of event management,” he insists. “There is no other platform which supports event marketing, travel management, registration, onsite solutions, and analytics while retaining flexibility. With this one platform, we can provide solutions for any kind of event format, which is perfect for our business.”  

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