Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply provides a personal touch in an industry that thrives on face-to-face meetings.


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50 - 800

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Fostering a Handshake Culture

Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply is the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and irrigation products in the country. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, they supply professional contractors with the hardware and know-how that support the landscaping, sports field, golf, and grower industries.

Many factors come into play when customers decide where to take their business. Perhaps one of the strongest is how a company makes them feel. At Ewing, their ability to make customers feel welcomed and connected to their brand gives them an advantage over the competition. Live events are an integral part of the Ewing formula to help connect with clients. At the helm of those events is Alan Villanueva, Ewing’s Event Management Coordinator. “People love to look people in the eyes, to actually shake hands,” says Alan. “Ewing provides that, and it is our edge. It’s part of our culture, and using [Cvent’s] event technology is hands down only enhancing our culture.”

Saving Time on the Essentials

With over 200 events on the annual calendar – ranging from 50 to 800 attendees, each – Alan and his team have their hands full. Whether it’s sourcing a venue or managing invites and registration, every bit of time saved by streamlining or automating processes contributes to their success. Before adopting Cvent, Alan says, “the biggest pain point for us as planners was the usage of time. I always loved to tell everybody that my life before Cvent was Excel sheets for days.”

“In the past,” says Alan, “sourcing needs would be tons of phone calls to hotels, tons of phone tag, having a great vision for a certain hotel, calling them, then in the end figuring out that the dates don’t match up and the availability is not there.” After implementing the Cvent Supplier Network, Alan and his team have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent finding just the right venues.

Over time, their consolidated sourcing data – including historical rates and comparisons – gives them an edge in negotiations. “It definitely helps negotiation. Just being able to have the numbers on hand makes it appear to the suppliers that, you know, ‘these guys are on top of it.’ And it just makes us appear more knowledgeable, and it puts pressure on them to up their game.”

Cvent’s registration, event website, and reporting software saves Alan and his team from manually keeping track of registrant and attendee information, while Cvent’s mobile event apps keep their attendees engaged and informed at their events. Together, these tools make Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply a true event leader.

“Ewing has grown in its reputation within our industry as being the company that has the best events. And being a planner in that company is an awesome feeling.” 

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