Take your team to the next level of efficiency

Outshine your comp set with custom proposals

Quickly respond with the most sophisticated proposals in your comp set when you choose from a range of stylish templates that you can modify and send in minutes.

Identify and reach the right planners to win more group business.

Planner Navigator is the only tool that helps hoteliers proactively find planners sourcing across the CSN with powerful insights into past bookings and previously submitted RFPs.

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Be the first to respond with proposal automation tools

Respond to RFPs automatically by creating rules that auto-populate key event and inventory details. Craft winning proposals by leveraging competitive rate data, historical RFP trends, Demand to Come, and more. 
CSN Productivity Tools Feature 2

Win more deals by routing and escalating leads efficiently

Ensure your team reaches peak performance by setting custom alerts that trigger when RFPs reach certain statuses, and automatically forward or turn down leads that meet preferred criteria.

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