August 20, 2019
By Hannah Huston
Walk into any conference, trade show, meeting, etc. today and you’ll probably see people on their phones. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, our smart phones help us stay connected with family and friends, and have greatly enhanced the event experience for attendees. In the age of digital, event attendees are relying more and more on their smart phones for key information, content, and networking opportunities. There are literally millions of apps you can download to your mobile device, so how do you know which ones you need before going to an event in order to maximize your valuable time? We’ve compiled a list of our own favorite and most-used apps we think you should download before your next event to make sure you have an amazing event experience. Here are the top apps we think you should have on your phone before going to an event:
  • Starbucks Coffee - let's face it, the last thing you want standing between you and your caffeine is a long line. You need to be ready for the long day of networking and learning ahead of you, so minimize the amount of time you have to wait before "caffeinating" by downloading the Starbucks app. There are lots of coffee options out there, but the Starbucks app is a personal favorite since you can order ahead and have your drink waiting for you when you arrive - letting you get your caffeine even faster!
  • Yelp - You may have traveled for this event, which means you’re in a new city and not as familiar with the local cuisine. Make sure you have Yelp so you can avoid ordering overpriced room service and wow your new friends from the event with a great dinner option.
  • Waze - Driving to the event? Not quite sure how to get there and left to your own devices to get to the event in a timely manner? There are hundreds of navigation apps but as someone who hates sitting in traffic, Waze is a personal favorite. Waze is a real-time navigation app that can find an alternate route to divert you around traffic and accidents, alert you of police traps and roadway hazards, and notify you when its time to leave to get to your destination on time.
  • Uber/Lyft - Whether you’ve traveled to the event or you just don’t want to deal with parking, you are definitely in need of a ride-sharing app. At this point you’ve probably heard of Uber and Lyft and know the general premise, but make sure you have them downloaded on your phone before getting to the event so you can quickly grab a ride anywhere you need. Better yet, if you use the CrowdCompass mobile event app there is a ride sharing integration, making it even easier for you to grab a ride!
  • Weather - The last thing you want when traveling is to pack for the wrong weather. Make sure to check (and re-check!) your favorite weather app before you leave to avoid getting stuck in a rain shower and realizing you didn’t pack a raincoat or an umbrella.
  • Mobile Event App - A mobile event app like CrowdCompass isn’t just a day-of thing. Downloading the app before the event starts is the best way to see what’s going on, organize your schedule, and begin networking so you can maximize your time at the event. If your event offers a mobile app, make sure you download the app before you leave to get engaged early on and optimize your limited time there.
Make the most of your time at the event by ensuring you have the right app toolbox on your phone before you leave. Are there any apps we missed that are one of your essentials?
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