August 20, 2019
By Hannah Huston
As a busy professional, you probably have quite the collection of apps that are supposed to help you “organize your life” and “increase productivity.” All of these apps take up valuable storage on your device and require you to switch in and out of each individual app whenever you want to use them. Before your next event, ask if there is an accompanying mobile event app you can download. If there is--and if it’s like the CrowdCompass mobile event apps--you can live in the mobile event app and won't need anything else during your event. With the CrowdCompass apps you can eliminate the need to be switching between 8 unique apps and instead consolidate down to just one app during your event. Let’s take a closer look at the types of apps the CrowdCompass mobile event apps can replace during your meeting, conference or trade show:
  • Note taking: Trust me, I love Evernote, but I will also admit that it can be a challenge for me to stay organized when I want to quickly take notes in it. At your next event, turn instead to CrowdCompass for your note-taking needs. Within the app, you’ll be able to take notes that are linked with the session you’re currently attending, making it super easy to find those notes later!
  • Grab a ride: At the end of the day the last thing you want to be doing struggling to find a ride. We all know about Uber and Lyft, but why should you be using both of those apps separately when you could just use the ride-sharing integration in the CrowdCompass apps to call a car from one of those services?
  • Networking: As surprising as it may seem in the age of technology, many people still rely heavily on paper business cards. At a networking event, traditional business cards are more likely to get lost or go through the wash than be a useful tool. Yes there are business card “digitizing” apps out there, but there’s a reason LinkedIn has more than half a billion users and is one of the world’s largest job search sites - its because it works. LinkedIn does have an app, but with the CrowdCompass LinkedIn integrations, you can network and make connections online faster than ever all without ever leaving the app!
  • Calendar: Between your phone’s built-in calendar, your Outlook calendar, your Google calendar, maybe even a paper planner, and more you probably have a hard time keeping track across all of your calendars where you’re supposed to be. At an event, it is vital you keep track of this information so you don’t miss out on any sessions you want to attend. Before heading to your next event, ditch the plethora of apps and paper planning you use to keep track of sessions and opt instead for a mobile event app. Before the event even begins you can view the sessions and speakers, and add the ones you're interested in directly to your CrowdCompass calendar. Once you arrive at the event, via push notifications you will be reminded before the sessions you’ve added begin and also be notified of any last minute changes. Not only does a mobile event app simplify the number of calendars you need to sync across, it also simplifies the event experience by ensuring you have the most up-to-date information at all times.
  • Social Wall: Social media is becoming an extension of an event experience, its how you show all your friends what you’re doing and share what you’re learning. Between snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn though it can be a process to update everything while still staying engaged at the event. With the built-in social wall, simply link your social accounts to your attendee profile and you can post away without having to leave the app. The social wall is updated in real time and allows you to see what others at the event are saying and doing as well. Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t have any social media accounts though, but you still want to get engaged in the online discussions the event is sparking. Good news, with the built-in social wall you can post and get involved without having any social accounts of your own, your posts will just live solely on the event’s social wall.
  • In-app game: As much as we all want every moment of the event to be engaging and informative, there may be times when you’re a little bored or just want to play a game. Instead of downloading another app, you can re-engage yourself in the event by playing the in-app game, Click. Click is a native photo scavenger hunt that encourages you to explore the event more and compete with other attendees.
  • Mapping: Waze is great - trust me it is my most used navigation app and I highly recommend you download it before venturing to a new city or even a new part of town. But like every navigational app out there, once you’re inside a building it really can’t help you. Event venues can be really large, making them difficult to navigate and locate specific sponsor booths or meeting rooms. With the interactive map feature in the CrowdCompass apps, you can see the entire layout of a venue, zoom in and out, see pins with exhibitor and session information, and link to more detailed profiles as well.
  • Messaging: You’re probably meeting all these great people at your event and wanting to connect for coffee or a meal to keep the discussions going even further. Exchanging numbers or emails can be tedious or forgotten about and trying to find people you don’t know very well on social to reach out can be awkward. Instead, you can use the built-in messaging feature to instantly find and connect with other event attendees. No phone numbers or emails required, making it efficient and effective!
Before you head to your next event, minimize the number of apps you have and free up some space on your phone so you can be ready for every Kodak moment.
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