October 15, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Creating a memorable on-site gift experience starts with allowing guests to select a gift they love. At Cultivate, we handle every detail on-site. From turnkey service to Diamond Level trained staff, we believe that what we bring on-site makes all the difference not only for meeting planners but for the guests as well. This, along with what we call our three cornerstones of creating a memorable gift experience. These are choice, aspirational brands, and products that will be frequently used.

Setup and Displays

Cultivate Gifting Experience

First, let’s talk about the importance of on-site setup and displays. More than 80% of Cultivate clients say a more attractive on-site pop-up boutique display is important to them. This is why our on-site merchandising was created to resemble a high-end retail boutique, and includes modern design elements, aesthetic appeal, and meticulous merchandising to create an exclusive and in-class shopping experience. Clean lines and simplified displays allow guests to browse a variety of products on-site easily. Since 2010, Cultivate has expanded its selection of aspirational brands with categories of gifts that guests will frequently use for years to come.

Choice On-Site

Secondly, let’s discuss the importance of choice on-site. Having the perfect selection of brands, products, and categories to choose from makes sense. In the beginning, it was more about learning what products people were interested in and bringing them on-site. We since have discovered that adding a pop-up boutique style with eye-catching branding walls, professional on-site staff, allows guests the opportunity to choose a gift they love and will frequently use, creating an exclusive experience for guests. The goal is simple, to have guests remember the gift experience long after their incentive trip is over. 

Memorable Gift Experience with Cultivate

Keep a Clear Eye on 'Why' with Cultivate 

Keeping a clear eye on what we believe in and always considering our “why,” the Cultivate team works every day to appreciate and inspire amazing people. Bringing choice, aspirational brands, and products guests will frequently use ensures that guests will feel appreciated and inspired all year long!

Cultivate creates on-site gift experiences at corporate events and incentive trips. To learn more, visit Cultivate. 

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