August 20, 2019
By Madison Howard

With so much modernization, it’s easy to think that it won’t be much longer until business cards go the way of the dinosaur. However, despite being old school, they’re still incredibly valuable. Whether at a networking event, conference, or hustling on the trade show floor, business cards are necessary.

Business Cards Won’t Go Away

The business card contains the most up-to-date information on a person. And it can provide more information than just contact information. Style, texture, font, paper thickness – all of these factors work together to create an impression. Your company’s essence is captured in its business card.

Business cards

Why the Fishbowl Should Go Away

Traditionally at conferences or trade shows, exhibitors will place a “fishbowl” at their booth for attendees to drop their business cards into. The fishbowl becomes the most important item at the end of the conference because it contains all possible leads. Fishbowls don’t foster face-to-face interactions. Real people become strangers on paper. That’s not what events are for. The power of live events is in the connections made.  While you need to capture someone’s information, meeting them is more important than grabbing their business card. More than that, this way of collecting information doesn't comply with some data protection laws.

Why the Business Card is Still Relevant

Business cards tend to be the most up-to-date piece of information you can get. While attendees can fill out a profile on their event mobile app, it can be incomplete or inaccurate. Sometimes, attendees from large companies won’t put their real information in the system to avoid being bombarded. It isn’t until you talk to them and they give you their business card that you’re able to find out their information. 

capture leads at your trade show

Tech Only Improves the Experience

With lead capture tools, you can rate, the quality of your leads, take notes, AND capture business card information in one digital space. Business cards won’t disappear, but they can be used in a smarter way. By using a mix of technology and classic paper, you can capture everything you need to know about a person.


Business cards are here to stay. Out in the world, it's the quickest way to trade information efficiently as most people carry them around. But so is technology. Boost your exhibitor game by using lead capture tools. These tools make it easier to move prospects through the sales pipeline at a faster rate. Don’t let your attendees become a name on a piece of paper. Make your face-to-face interaction count.

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Madison Howard

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