March 09, 2023
By Cvent Success Team

In–person events have always held value, particularly for Higher Education. A university campus holds traditions, values and experiences that were once only able to be seen and experienced in person. However, with the digitalization of events in recent years, that all changed.

As universities were forced to pivot lectures, labs, and large events such as Prospective Students Days and Commencement from in-person to virtual essentially overnight, they soon realized the value of these events did not decrease but increased. In fact, a virtual platform for these events and courses allowed universities to have an even greater reach than ever before.

After two years of only virtual events, we are seeing campuses reopen and in-person events are in full swing. However, it is important to recognize the reach that digitalization provided the higher education industry. This is where hybrid events come into play. 


What is a Hybrid Event? 

A hybrid event is an event that has been created to give both in-person and virtual attendees the ability to engage with one another. For Higher Education, it is crucial that attendees of all event format types are able to feel as if they are on campus, creating the same level of value for all.


What are the Benefits of Hybrid Events?

Increased Reach

The benefits of hybrid events are extensive, starting with an increased reach. With a hybrid event, you now have the option to reach groups such as international students or prospective students. It is critical to also consider international campuses your university may have. Through the expanded reach that hybrid events allow for, all university campuses worldwide can come together as one. 


In addition, hybrid events create accessibility. The distance and cost associated with travel is no longer an issue as virtual components allow students to experience an in-person event from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, this accessibility increases the flexibility you can provide students. Not only can you host in-person events on days that work for the university, but you can also host virtual events that support campus blackout days or multiple time zones. 


How Can Cvent Support Engaging Hybrid Events?

Cvent can support hybrid events through three main platforms - Registration, Attendee Hub (Web and App) and OnArrival.

  • Before event
    • Share informative videos to create excitement for attendees
    • Send email communication that provides details for all attendee types
    • Create a registration process with custom questions to learn about your audience
    • Give attendees the option to choose between an in-person, virtual, or hybrid experience
    • Personalize the experience to both your in-person and virtual attendees
    • Have speakers or exhibitors share their information to add to your website and app
  • During event
    • Options for virtual and in person attendees to engage with one another through Discussions, Attendee Messaging, and Appointments
    • Engagement with session content through Polls, Live Q&A, Chat, Surveys
    • Onsite badge printing
    • Hands free check in to event and sessions with QR codes
    • Session duration tracking for course credit and certificate
  • Post event
    • Allow attendees to view content on-demand through the Attendee Hub, even after the event
    • Send out communication to all that were in attendance
    • Collect post event surveys from attendees
    • Gather event data to share with internal teams and evaluate for future events

Hybrid events unlock opportunities that were untapped in the world of traditional, in-person events, especially for those in the higher education industry. Interested in learning more about the features that can support Hybrid Events? Check out our Cvent Community for more information or reach out to your Account Team.



This post was written by Kylie Ott, Senior Client Success Advisor at Cvent specializing in Higher Education. Kylie is a Virginia Tech alum that enjoys going on cruises, supporting Washington D.C. sports teams, and spoiling her dog, Maisie.
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