August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

For many planners and attendees, successful events are all about connection, which is why we are excited to announce a series of improvements to the CrowdCompass by Cvent Activity Feed.

The improvements happened in three phases:

Phase 1

Releasing a few months ago, the initial phase was all about performance improvements. The activity feed now loads a smaller version of images in posts so that feed loads more quickly. We also did some back-end improvements to our API.

Phase 2

The second phase was all about SocialWall. Previously posts from the event and SocialWall were intermixed in the Activity Feed. Unfortunately, this caused confusion because while attendees can interact with event posts (like and comment) the same is not true for SocialWall posts. To remedy this, we now have two separate areas in the Activity Feed: The Event Feed which contains only event posts and the SocialWall gallery. The gallery mirrors the experience users have onsite at the event by presenting SocialWall posts in a tiled format that’s visually pleasing and easy to browse.

Phase 3

What all of this has been leading up to...coming out in the 5.4 release is the ability to set the Activity Feed as the home page for your event! Planners now have the choice of what is set as the home page for their event, either the current icon grid or the Activity Feed. Setting the feed as home is a great way to highlight the social aspects of an event and drive engagement. That being said, the rest of your content continues to be easily accessible through the left navigation menu. This has been a long requested feature that we are happy to deliver!


Written by Emma Pattee.

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