August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Giving your attendees a discussion forum is an effective way to foster connection, engagement, and networking. The ability to have that discussion within your event’s mobile app ensures that more attendees will participate in the discussion, more often. With our in-app Activity Feed’s new commenting feature, it’s easy to start that conversation digitally, go on to share contact information, set up a 1:1 meeting and then continue the conversation in person. Here are key ways how commenting can help drive engagement at your next event:

Engage every type of attendee

Many attendees look through the Activity Feed, like posts, and move on. Commenting now gives those attendees a quick and easy way to get involved in the conversation without having to be the center of attention by posting something themselves.

Help attendees start networking

The Activity Feed is the heartbeat of the app and is often the first place an attendee looks, which makes it a great place to jumpstart engagement. From here they can read posts and comments and if they want to learn more about an attendee, they can tap into their profile and send them a direct message or contact request.

Get your speakers involved

Encourage your speakers to post to the Activity Feed as a way to get the attendees excited about their session. As attendees comment, they can start to see who else will be in attendance, who they want to connect with after the session, or what questions they might want to ask the speaker during their workshop. The best part? Supporting Commenting is easy for planners:

Set up is a breeze

If you’re setting up a new event, commenting is ready to go. If your event is already created, all you have to do is turn on Commenting under Event Settings.

Manage attendee posts quickly and easily

We’ve added a new screen in the Manage Posts area where you can see the number of comments on each post and manage those comments as needed. You’ll be able to remove a post and all of the associated comments or just take out a single comment.

Coming Soon:

Let your attendees create the discussion, and moderate it! During our next release cycle, we’ll give your attendees the ability to flag inappropriate content. This gives your attendees the ability to stay engaged and be in control of the content posted to their shared activity feed. You’ll have the ability to see those flagged posts and manage them as needed.

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