August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

If you’ve ever used push notifications onsite, you know how valuable they can be. Immediate, customizable alerts sent straight to your attendees’ phones? Yes, please.

But what about when you’re juggling a million other onsite tasks, someone asks you to reschedule a push notification, and your laptop is all the way across a giant convention hall?

Good news – we’ve updated our CrowdPlanner app with a push notification management so it’s as simple as pulling out your iPhone.

What is the CrowdPlanner App?

Think of the CrowdPlanner app as your ultimate event planning tool. It originally helped planners manage their onsite beacons and now, with this new feature, you can use it to manage your push notifications onsite and spur-of-the-moment.

How will it help planners?

We heard from planners that managing push notifications was easy, but getting access to their laptops during a busy conference or event wasn’t so easy. The CrowdPlanner app gives you access to create and manage push notifications wherever you are, straight from your iPhone. There is even a helpful status so you can see which notifications will be sending in the next hour and which notifications have already been delivered.

How does it benefit attendees?

Lunch is arriving late? The outdoor activity got rained out? Your attendees will love getting instant push notifications so they can enjoy a more organized and less stressful event experience. This update makes push notifications even more immediate and therefore more helpful at averting event disasters (and we’ve all had a few of those…) The best part? Your attendees don’t have to wait for you to find your laptop in order for them to get the latest event news.

How is it implemented?

It already is! The CrowdPlanner app has automatically been updated and will now show your push notification management.

At CrowdCompass, we want to make planning events easier for you and more engaging for your attendees. Push notifications have always been a favorite of both planners and attendees and a key aspect of the CrowdCompass app is the ease and simplicity of managing notifications. Now, this feature takes it one step further – right into the palm of your hand.

This new feature post is written by Shiloh Frauen. Shiloh is a Systems Analyst and spends her days making CrowdCompass apps more beneficial for planners.

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