August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

You’ve probably been to a conference session where the Q&A went overtime. Hands were up all over the room while the microphone attendant ran back and forth between the audience members. Or how about the opposite? The Q&A portion where there isn’t a single hand raised. Even if people are dying to ask their question, nobody dares be the first person to speak.

Audience engagement is a critical component to the success of your conference or event.  While there are many great ways to encourage attendees to engage during the course of an event, the ability for attendees to ask speakers questions during the course of a session is probably the most dynamic and genuinely interactive aspect of an event.

CrowdCompass' Live Q&A feature (launched in April 2016) lets attendees anonymously submit questions to speakers before and during the session within the app. Session moderators have real-time access to view and manage the questions.

3 Key Benefits of Live Q&A:

  • Improved Moderator User Experience. We added more intuitive buttons so moderators know exactly what action is to take for each question.
  • Speaker simplicity. When questions are approved by the moderator, they will be listed in the order in which they were approved.  The speaker can easily respond to the questions one-by-one knowing the questions are already prioritized and approved.
  • Attendee Engagement. Attendees can anonymously submit questions from the session details page. Simply click on “Submit a question now” and ask away!

With our Live Q&A update, we've made it easier for moderators to sort through submitted questions and decide whether to approve or reject questions. We also gave speakers their own view of moderator-approved questions which makes their ability to answer questions even easier.

When attendees are asking questions during the session, moderators need the ability to quickly filter through the question list and select appropriate questions for the speaker and reject questions that have already been answered or aren’t beneficial to the session. Speakers, on the other hand, do not want to be distracted by all the questions that are coming from attendees. They just want to see attendee feedback so that they can shape their material to fit the needs of the group and be able to respond seamlessly to approved questions.

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